Top 5 Wednesday: Books You Want to Finally Read in 2017

imgresToday I’ll present my list a bit differently because I’ve chosen these books straight from my shelves, so I actually have a photo for you ;). And why these five? Well, they were bothering me for a while now. Well, two and a half of them I bought this year, but they were on my to-read list for way longer. You might wonder where did the “half” come from but the answer is very simple – the Polish edition of “Blue moon rising” is in two volumes and I owned the first one for a few years now :). There’s no particular order but I’ve listed them as they are at the photo 😛


Isn’t it annoying when this one book has a title written in the wrong direction… Continue reading “Top 5 Wednesday: Books You Want to Finally Read in 2017”

Top 5 Wednesday – Graphic Novels

imgresThis week’s Top 5 Wednesday is all bout graphic novels!

I admit, I haven’t read as many of them as I’d like and I liked the ones I’ve read a bit too little or a bit too much sometimes [yes, for the ones who haven’t noticed I’m rephrasing LoTR quote]. I did some last moment reading this week to have some actual choice in the graphic novels I’ve read. I do actually have some of them, mostly from a humble bundle, and I was waiting for a good moment to read them, but that actually means sitting at home in front of my PC and reading… There are so many things you can do on PC… So here’s my choice:


The Mocking Dead by Fred Van Lente and Max Dunbar

Yup, a zombie apocalypse story. It’s creepy and funny in some places. I had a good time reading it. And the ending… damn I wanted to kick the author. I really need to get the second part… Continue reading “Top 5 Wednesday – Graphic Novels”