Audio Thursday 15th of December

Another Thursday and another week closer to Christmas :D. And surprisingly, I haven’t heard “Last Christmas” playing yet… strange. No matter, it will be going through my head now anyway.

But I was going to write a bit about my last audio finds – the books from Playster and the BBC dramas I’ll be listening to soon.

A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan – DNF at ~40%

a-natural-history-of-dragonsI really hoped this one will be good, or interesting or maybe exciting, but the truth is it wasn’t. The idea was great – memoirs of a woman learning about dragons, tracking them, documenting her story. But I have few issues with this book. Continue reading “Audio Thursday 15th of December”

Funny Friday – RPG’s, young villains and strange curses

Ready for your Friday dose of humor? In today’s episode:

  • a graphic novel with a solid dose of RPG,
  • a series of young-adult novels about a supervillains and superheroes,
  • and a strange, yet funny novel with a cursed title 😉

The Guild
by Felicia Day, Jim Rugg, Dan Jackson

the guild The Guild Knights of Good

Which of you haven’t heard of “The Guild”? Well maybe not the graphic novel, but you did watch it on Youtube, right? If you have then you pretty much know why I find it funny and brilliant at the same time. Continue reading “Funny Friday – RPG’s, young villains and strange curses”

Interview with Christopher Keene

ChrisopherKeene3Hello again! I’ve got another interview for you today. This time, the questions went to a freshly baked author and fellow blogger Christopher Keene. Check out his answers!

First of all tell us few words about yourself.

I’m a New Zealander, a university graduate, a geek blogger and an author of science fiction and fantasy novels.

How does your writing process look like, do you have any strange writing habits?

I have different habits for different books. I wrote Stuck in the Game on my blog over a month, mostly on my phone, before going over it and sending it to my friends to read. For the one I’m working on now I’m writing it on paper at night and typing it out on my computer the next morning. Continue reading “Interview with Christopher Keene”

Let’s talk about movie adaptations

Everyone is writing about movie adaptations today, I know it’s the current TTT topic. I haven’t joined this group, but it seems like a great topic, so I’m going ti write about it anyway :). But I feel like I don’t want to limit myself to only book adaptations… I like games too after all 😀


Pretty much every Discworld novel should be made into a movie. There are few already, I really liked Going Postal movie, Hogfather is nice and I really need to re-watch Color of Magic because I don’t even remember if I liked it…

going-postal-medium Continue reading “Let’s talk about movie adaptations”