Funny Friday – RPG’s, young villains and strange curses

Ready for your Friday dose of humor? In today’s episode:

  • a graphic novel with a solid dose of RPG,
  • a series of young-adult novels about a supervillains and superheroes,
  • and a strange, yet funny novel with a cursed title 😉

The Guild
by Felicia Day, Jim Rugg, Dan Jackson

the guild The Guild Knights of Good

Which of you haven’t heard of “The Guild”? Well maybe not the graphic novel, but you did watch it on Youtube, right? If you have then you pretty much know why I find it funny and brilliant at the same time. Continue reading “Funny Friday – RPG’s, young villains and strange curses”

Funny Friday – geeky memoirs that made me laugh

I’ve promised you these two reviews for a while now and since I wasn’t in a mood to write about the other books that should be on today’s episode of Funny Friday – here they come.

Both of these books got into my hands in audio format. I thought it would be easier to get through the memoirs this way since I don’t normally read this genre. Right now I know I wouldn’t have trouble reading through no matter what format would they be, but the fact that both of these books were read by the authors made them even more amazing!

You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) by Felicia Day

Goodreads | Amazon | Audible

Since the rule states “ladies first” here it is :D. Plus the cover is really cute (well, it has Felicia on it, so duh!). Continue reading “Funny Friday – geeky memoirs that made me laugh”