Top 5 Wednesday: Fictional Items You’d Give as Gifts

imgresChristmas are coming! I don’t know about you, but I still have few gifts to buy… It’s fascinating how little time for anything I have this year. Anyway, there are few fantastic items I wish were real, so I could wrap them up and make someone extremely happy.

5. Babel fish

babel-fishFrom Hitchhikers guide through the galaxy – a strange little creature that would make my job completely useless 😛

If you love to travel all over the Earth and beyond this fish is just what you need – an instant translation to and from any language.

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Top 5 Wednesday – Gateway Books to Your Favorite Genre

imgresIt is so hard to pick just one book from your favorite genre. And it’s hard to choose just 5 genres too apparently, but I guess these will have to do. Maybe these aren’t the perfect choices, but I love these books and I think they might make good starters :).

5. EnchantedFairytale retellings

Enchanted by Alethea Kontis – A cute and cuddly story that I loved. Maybe it’s more of a fairy tale itself rather than a retelling, but it has plenty of elements from more and less known tales.

It’s romantic, very nice and easy to read and it has some great characters.

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Top 5 Wednesday – Characters You WOULDN’T Want to Trade Places With

imgresThat must be the easiest Top 5 Wednesday I’ve seen. Seriously, it’s so easy to choose the characters that had some horrible time or a bad ending, people you wouldn’t want to replace in their stories.


Lord of the ringsFrodo from Lord of the Rings – say what you will, but I would not want to be him and suffer all that he had. You have to admire this little guy and his spirit to survive all of it. He might’ve ended up more or less well… I’d rather be Sam. His ending was way better and he didn’t have to carry that cursed ring.

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Top 5 Wednesday – Books You Want to See as TV Shows

imgresIt’s so hard to choose just 5! Seriously, today’s topic should rather be a top 50 not just 5 ;). I’d start with the stories that technically have tv-shows already, but they are not good enough, but maybe I’ll skip these. Well, except one that most fans agree NEVER HAPPENED! And the movie too. But they’ll make a better one (I hope), so let’s move on and hope for the best. Oh, and I’m talking about the first place here 😉


river-godAncient Egypt
series by Wilbur Smith. I’d love to see a good adventure series Indiana Jones-like and that’s exactly what Smiths series is. Starting in ancient Egypt (which I can’t resist) and moving on to modern times, discovering some ancient mysteries. I love this series! And I’d love to watch some cool recreation of ancient Egypt.

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