Tell me your tale

The Dreadful Fate of Jonathan YorkThe Dreadful Fate of Jonathan York: A Yarn for the Strange at Heart by Kory Merritt

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I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads blurb:

Discover the horrible fate of Jonathan York as he sets out on his journey through a spooky forest with an alarming party of travelmates!

Jonathan York has led a boring life — a pointless degree from the community college, a lackluster job at the General Store, and never any desire for something more exciting. But when fate leaves him stranded in a sinister land, he finds himself seeking an adventure of his own. Along the way he encounters ghoulish thieves, ravenous swamp monsters, a dastardly ice cream conspiracy, and a necromancer bent on human sacrifice.

Let me start with few words about the graphic – it was fantastic! I loved it. It fitted perfectly, created a spooky mood, portrayed all the characters and monsters in this creepy, unnatural way that enhanced the reading experience. Even the text font looked great. Just look at these pictures:

Dreadful Fate of Jonathan York 1 Dreadful Fate of Jonathan York 2 Continue reading “Tell me your tale”

More than a ghost

Need some creepy, weird stories with ghosts and murders? Here’s where you’ll find them.

Tales from the Graveyard The Complete CollectionTales from the Graveyard: The Complete Collection by Susan Shultz

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I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is a set of four stories, that seem like they might be read separately, but they all entwine together rather nicely and only read as a whole they make a complete story.

I have to warn you, I don’t know if I can tell you anything about the stories without some spoilers. I will do my best, but beware that I might write something you don’t want to know about…

Let me tell you a bit about each of the stories.

Tales from the Graveyar - BlacksmithThe Blacksmith

After some traumatic events in her life, Ainsley believes her heart is dead. She thinks she’s unable to feel any kind of love and because of that, she also can’t be loved. She does have a friend she  likes a lot, but it seems that Sam doesn’t share these feelings. Ainsley also has some serious issues. A calm librarian by day and a sexy man-killer by night… Continue reading “More than a ghost”

Review tour – Emma and the Banderwigh by Matthew Cox

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How about I tell you a story of a young girl, who wanted to be all grown up and decided to stop believing in fairies, magic and monsters and then one day something unusual happened to her. Something scary, that will make her reconsider her new beliefs.

Emma and the Banderwigh by Matthew CoxEmma and the Banderwigh by Matthew Cox

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You can find this book on Goodreads.

I received this copy from the publisher via Curiosity Quills in exchange for an honest review.

Book blurb:

Ten-year-old Emma doesn’t believe in faerie tales or monsters that secret children away in the night—until she meets one.

She lives in a quiet village at the edge of Widowswood with her parents, her Nan, and her little brother, Tam. Ready to abandon the whimsy of childhood, she finds the boredom of chores comforting and Nan’s fanciful bedtime stories silly.

One morning, a wan and weary older girl staggers out of the woods and sets the entire town aflutter with whispers of a child-stealing monster lurking in the forest. Nan tells her of the Banderwigh: a dark soul who feeds on sorrow and drains the life from children’s tears.

Darkness comes calling on Emma’s happy home, threatening the reality to which she desperately clings. The impossible becomes more and more real, forcing Emma to reach inside herself for the ability to believe. Her family depends on it.

Little Emma is trying so hard to be a responsible, clear-thinking girl. She wants to behave like an adult, doesn’t want to believe in monsters. But why would she? She’s still a child, why not let herself behave like one? Maybe she’s just scared, or maybe she wants to help her mom. Little does she know her mother more than believes in the strange creatures and magic, she knows it all exists. Continue reading “Review tour – Emma and the Banderwigh by Matthew Cox”

Ghosts, zombies and mystery

A fascinating set of stories from a really good writer.

Ghost summerGhost Summer: Stories by Tananarive Due

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I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

From Goodreads description:

In her debut collection of short fiction, Due takes us to Gracetown, a small Florida town that has both literal and figurative ghost; into future scenarios that seem all too real; and provides empathetic portraits of those whose lives are touched by Otherness. Featuring an award-winning novella and fifteen stories—one of which has never been published before—Ghost Summer: Stories is sure to both haunt and delight.

Candleboy -ghostbook- by dapper-owl
Candleboy -ghostbook- by dapper-owl

I had a great time reading some of those stories. I wish some of them were longer, maybe even a full novel size. The first story – “The lake” makes a good introduction. As the author wrote in a summary – it’s a tale told from the monster’s perspective. Yes, I probably spoiled it for you right now :/. Sorry for that. I really enjoyed this story of transformation. I felt for the heroine, I just couldn’t dislike her. Continue reading “Ghosts, zombies and mystery”