Grimm Fairy Tales episode 6

In this week’s edition of Grimm fairy tales, we’ve got yet another famous tale – Cinderella. Other than this I’ve got 4 stories I don’t remember reading, although the one about Hulda sounds kind of familiar.

It seems today’s children legend leaves us with only four more left. They should actually call them Christian legends, as they’re all about saints, sins, and martyrs.

Fairytale by t1na

In today’s episode:

  1. The Three Green Twigs
  2. Cinderella
  3. The Riddle
  4. The Mouse, the Bird, and the Sausage
  5. Mother Hulda

I barely finished this post today. You’d think I learned from the last one and wrote it earlier right? Wrong! This week I was very, very busy… playing games and coloring my new Mandala coloring book :P. Very busy right? Oh and Wednesday was super busy… I was watching all three Back to the future movies :D.

The Three Green Twigs

The first story this week is about a hermit. He was a good man all his life, feeding the animals, giving them water. He was rewarded for his deeds by receiving food from God each day. But one day, when he saw a man being conducted to the gallows, he thought to himself “this man surely deserves it”. That single thought was his undoing. The next day he did not receive any food. Continue reading “Grimm Fairy Tales episode 6”