Top 5 Wednesday – Current Favorites that Aren’t Books

imgresWell, since this week’s topic is supposed to be about something other than books I’ve decided to move on to my next favorite thing – food :D. I think a word of warning is in order – it’s going to be sweet. But it’s winter, it’s a perfect time for sweet and comfy meals, right? And no, there will be no exact recipes because I always forget to save them or write them down, but with a bit of search on the net you’ll be able to find the version that suits you best, or just do what I do – improvise :D.

Soup: sweet potato and coconut milk

It is sweet! And so good. I bet you can find a recipe for this kind of soup that will fit your needs. Mine had also some carrots, ginger and it was very thick. Like “the spoon almost stood in it” thick :P. It’s perfect for cold days and if you ever have enough of pumpkin soup.


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Interview with Trisha Hughes

Hello, my dear readers! Today I’d love to introduce you to a very interesting writer Trisha Hughes. She’s got a new book coming up within a month and I have to say it looks very interesting :D. Check out my interview and have a look at the book, you might want to read it!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your passion for history

trisha-hughesThis passion I have for British history began many years ago while I was pregnant with my first child. I spent endless days in the library consuming everything I could and writing it all in my notebook. Over the years, through moving house, raising children and everyday life, the notebook disappeared but the interest in British Monarchy didn’t. Five years ago, the interest turned into a passion and here I am with the first of my trilogy on British Monarchy sitting on the shelves.

I remember that day. I was talking to my grandson about his interests. I even did what every grandparent does…I asked what he wanted to be when he grew up and I asked what subjects he was taking at school. And it turned out that history was one of them. Brightened that we had something to talk about to take his mind off his Facebook page, I said to him ‘So you know all about Henry VIII.’

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Dwarves and dinosaurs – two unlikely graphic novels you might like

It’s another Monday! The last one this month, so it shouldn’t be too bad, right? Well, mine isn’t bad, so I’m quite satisfied :D.

Today I’ve got for you two graphic novels I’ve read… let’s say within last month. Both have something that I found different and maybe a bit unusual. Brigada’s specialty is the curious graphic style – forget about your usually lovely-looking elves, meet a bunch of dwarves on a mission. And “Love: The Dinosaur” is yet another of the wordless novels that prove you don’t need text to understand the meaning.

I received both of these novels from the publishers via Netgalley in exchange for honest reviews. 

brigadaBrigada by Enrique Fernández

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A rather enjoyable story that gets better and better with every page. I admit I needed a moment to get used to this graphic, but I really like it. It’s original and feels fresh among all those other look-alike graphics out there. Continue reading “Dwarves and dinosaurs – two unlikely graphic novels you might like”

January’s sin list [what I bought and what I got]

So basically, I’m not doing too well with the “buy few books” resolution ;). Some of them just look so tempting! And then there are the promotions… and the treacherous bundles from Amazon.

Here’s the effect of my buying (and receiving) month:


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