I’m baaaaack!

Hello, dear bookworms!

Guess who’s back :D. I missed you guys, but you know… life ;).

To those who wonder – no, nothing bad happened to me, I was simply busy with other things. I should have a bit more time for everything right now, so I’ll be slowly getting my blog back up again. There might be some changes, I don’t know yet, but I might rearrange a few things and maybe add some different content. We’ll see :).

What I did when I didn’t…

Let’s skip the “work” part because let’s face it, I’m not letting work interfere too much with my life, but it does drain me somewhat sometimes, especially when they move our office… and will do that again within few months… so annoying [I lost some good food sources like the Ramen food truck! and Coffee Point…]. Here’s my current view, and I know I should’ve made the photo on a nicer day, but here you have all the cloudy glory 😛 Continue reading “I’m baaaaack!”


a bit of a break

Hi guys… I’ve been quiet for a while, I hope you missed me a little bit :P. Anyway, I’ve been a bit busy lately, no time for blogging and not much for reading either :/. I just think I’ll let you know I’m still here!

And big thanks to my new followers that helped me read the fantastic 600! You guys are amazing!!!

A little note to those who sent tags and awards my way – I’m super grateful and I will do it! I just need to find a moment and I don’t know when it might happen, but I think I’ll have some free time soon.

Love you all!!! 

And happy Valentine’s Day 🙂


Rich bad boy and his endangered empire

Have you ever heard about Largo Winch? His stories started with a few novels and graphic novels, but my first meeting with him was through a TV-Show. I’d love to watch it again, but it seems impossible to get it :/. There was a movie a few years ago, but somehow I missed it.

Anyway, I had these two books in my library for years and I finally decided to read them. I wanted to do that for a while now, but somehow always ended up with a different book in my hands.


Continue reading “Rich bad boy and his endangered empire”

What happened in January – monthly summary

Oh, look! January is over. Admit it, you already forgot about your yearly goals :P. Well, maybe not yet, I still have some of them in mind.

Anyway, considering that only the cold bothered me this month I’m quite satisfied with it. And since I know some people had some nasty time this month – I wish you all the best for the rest of the year!

The bookish statistics

  • new-known-januaryFinished 9 stories: 1 ebook, 4 paper books, 4 graphic novels, together 2365 pages.
  • Average rating: 3.89
  • Books bought: 8 which still makes my bought-to-read ratio positive, but only slightly.
  • I’m fixing my new to known authors ratio. And by fixing I mean I’ve read more books by the authors I already knew and liked before. Will see if I can hold it till the rest of the year. My goal is to make it more or less equal amount.

Sooo there goes my “buy fewer books” goal, right? But I still have 11 more months to make the balance right and those Gaiman book covers are amazing! Continue reading “What happened in January – monthly summary”