BBC Thursday – 6th of April

BBC_Radio_logoHave you missed BBC radio? Have you discovered any good dramas while I was gone?

I haven’t done much listening during that time so I might’ve missed a few things, but there are always new stories waiting :).

1. Journey to the Centre of the Earth Jules Verne’s novel adapted by Moya O’Shea

Renowned professor, Otto Lidenbrock, discovers a mysterious, runic cryptogram in a rare manuscript he has bought. It is his nephew, Axel, who accidentally cracks the message which is by a sixteenth century alchemist who claims to have found a pathway to the centre of the earth! “Descend, bold traveller into the crater of the Jokul of Snæfell, which the shadow of Scartaris touches before the kalends of July and you will attain the centre of the earth.”

BBC Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Goodreads | Day left: 18 | Duration: 2 x 60 min 

Let’s start today’s  stories with a classic adventure. One of the fantastic voyages Verne created. You have to admit he had quite an imagination, I might not appreciate his writing style completely, but I do love the stories.
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