Top 5 Wednesday – Current Favorites that Aren’t Books

imgresWell, since this week’s topic is supposed to be about something other than books I’ve decided to move on to my next favorite thing – food :D. I think a word of warning is in order – it’s going to be sweet. But it’s winter, it’s a perfect time for sweet and comfy meals, right? And no, there will be no exact recipes because I always forget to save them or write them down, but with a bit of search on the net you’ll be able to find the version that suits you best, or just do what I do – improvise :D.

Soup: sweet potato and coconut milk

It is sweet! And so good. I bet you can find a recipe for this kind of soup that will fit your needs. Mine had also some carrots, ginger and it was very thick. Like “the spoon almost stood in it” thick :P. It’s perfect for cold days and if you ever have enough of pumpkin soup.


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