I think I’ve got an e-book problem

I think I might’ve reached some kind of anti-eBook phase. Each time I’m starting to read one I instantly want to switch to paper or even audio! It feels strange and it messes up my review copies reading progress. I’m not happy :/

Did you ever feel something like that?

Normally I’d be happy with this state, but I have several ebooks I’d like to finish, especially “Hero” and I simply can’t do it.

On the other hand, I’m reading the second volume of Largo Winch (after finishing the first one yesterday) and I would be glad to read the next after that if it was even published in any reasonable language (I don’t know French!). And to make things worse I won’t get my “Gemina” today because they still haven’t sent it… I was kind of counting for some weekend reading, but I guess I’ll just finish something else.

I’d say “luckily it’s Friday” but the weather doesn’t make me feel happy about it. It’s cloudy, cold and nasty and there’s this little mist-like rain seemingly hanging in the air clinging to everything, especially to my glasses. I hate it.


27 thoughts on “I think I’ve got an e-book problem

  1. I’ve had phases like this with audiobooks (not with ebooks because I am generally not a fan of them, which means I buy so few that it’s hard to burn-out on them). I usually LOVE audiobooks but sometimes I get sick of listening, and I think it’s usually either because the book I’m listening to isn’t very good (or it is good, but it’s a depressing/sad story, so it’s depressing to listen to for long periods of time) or I just did too much listening in one go and need a break. The phases usually don’t last long though, esp. if I have a break and then start a new and awesome audiobook.

    Anyway, I hope you manage to find a way out of it… maybe you need to take a break, then find a book that’s so good you just have to see how it ends, in spite of it being an ebook?

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    1. I love reading paper books, but it’s almost impossible to get ARC’s, and new editions of all the fancy, popular books take ages to get here, so ebooks are usually the fastest and cheapest source of reads.


      1. The link didn’t work?
        I guess I find I’m so nervous about wreaking them half the time (wrinkled spines break my heart) and yeah ebooks are just so much more accessible. I need to find a way to get a hold of more ARCs

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        1. Link?
          I don’t really mind broken spines as long as it’s not a hardcover or some special to me edition :). I prefer comfort of reading over keeping the book seemingly unread. Unless it’s a borrowed book – these I treat with special care

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  2. rashthedoctor

    tbh I always feel like that , it’s been 3 years since I have been using ebooks as preferred medium to read books , but honestly i truly seem to miss paperbacks and hardcover .

    But the thing is I can’t find comics in paperback where I live and similarly fantasy book (the books that I prefer to read) cost a lot as a paperback / hardcover than a kindle edition.Hence I’m just forcing myself to keep reading on my e-reader instead

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    1. I know the pain! There are so few graphic novels that got published or imported here, same goes for manga. I even have to wait years for them to come out or just buy electronic because they never will be available :/ I hate that.
      And yes, I know ebooks are way cheaper at least if you’re buying on Amazon or any other non-polish site because apparently they’ve decided that all the freaking taxes here make ebooks published in Poland barely few cents cheaper than paper books. Total bullshit if you ask me, but what can we do?
      Luckily I’m not mad about hardcovers most of the time, so I can still find some reasonable occasions here and there.

      ah, the life of a bookworm…

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  3. Must be one of those magnetic storm days or whatever 😀 (don’t ask, my mom always blames these for bad days) but this Friday kind of suck for me… and it has nothing to do with misty glasses.. I wish that was the case 😀
    as for books… nah, no problem with any format as long as the book itself is good, give me all… ok, I lie! I can’t deal with audiobooks for some reason.. I completely lose attention whenever I try to listen to a book…

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    1. normally I don’t mind any format, even audio although they do require a bit more concentration for me, but there’s nothing better than a nice audiobook when you have to do some mindless work for few hours 😉

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    1. oh don’t even mention the amount! I’ve checked the percentage of my read/unread books this year and with paper books I’m over 50% with read and I think it’s not bad 😉
      but the ebooks… I’ve read maaaaybe 30% of them…

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  4. I know exactly what you mean. Last year I got a new Kindle for my birthday. It will be exactly one year since I have it in a few days and I read only two books on it. I read a lot on my previous Kindle. But since I got a new one, I just don’t read books on it. It’s not that I wouldn’t like it – after all, it’s better than previous one. But I just prefer reading real books.
    I feel bad because I really wanted it and now it’s just lying there. But every time I go to the library I get a pile of books and reading them instead 🙂 I think I just have to force myself more and get over this phase.

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