2016’s rainbow of charts ;)

I’ve been gathering myself to write this final 2016 summary post and it looks like it’s not getting easier and half of January had gone by, so I feel like I should just sit my ass in front of the keyboard and do it!… right after I’ll get another cup of coffee.

My top genres

Let’s start with an easy and colorful one – the Genres. Some of these overlap and my list was way longer, but I’ve decided to cut it and leave only 7+ books per genre here:


It looks like I’m still faithful to Fantasy because it’s awesome! I was surprised by the amount of sci-fi stories I’ve read last year as I prefer watching rather than reading SF, but it mostly ended up well, so I’m happy about it. And one more comment for the Romance section – none of the books I’ve read were really a pure romance, but I like adding this category to books with a strong romantic subplot.

And here are some of my favorite reads from top 5 genres:

Heroes and Thieves Illuminae laughing-in-a-cloudy-sky-1 Martian The Wicked + The Divine, Vol. 1 The Faust Act

The format

OK, as much I’m happy with reading in pretty much all possible formats I can think of, I would prefer if the Paper books took over the ebooks this year. It was fun, but my books are getting dusty and I intend to hug them a bit this year.


And here are 6 books, one per format, that I’d love to give a shout-out:

ready-player-one Rise of the Chosen light naruto-v1 last-wish Diary of an AssCan A Mark Watney Short Story

About the series

And another thing I should really work on – can you see how many first parts I’ve read this year? That’s horrible! Well, I liked some of them and I even loved a few, but that’s even worse since this made my to-continue list even longer!


I do like the 25% of standalone novels up there. It felt good to read something without worrying if there will be a cliffhanger, or maybe another super-long series to continue, although some of these books really should have a continuation because they were awesome :D.

And another shout-out:

Just a Geek assassin-and-the-desert sleeping-giants Halfway Bitten Wings of Hope Love in the Time of Murder

Time and setting

time-of-actionConsidering the amount of Fantasy books I’ve read the Time of Action chart looks kind of weird. I usually assign the “past” to all the books that seem like they don’t have any modern technology, so… that’s a lot of them.

At least the “future” setting seems appropriate.

One of my goals for 2016 was to visit as many countries in books as I could, but it looks I’m not very good at book-travels ;). I managed to visit 12 countries, but there were also other interesting settings on my list, for example, I visited Mars three times :D. I wonder where will I travel this year.


It’s a gender thing

I’m honestly surprised by the equal ratio of male-female characters. I didn’t really think about that before, but I never suspected it would end up like that. I don’t mind reading about characters of either genre, so I usually don’t really care either but I find it easier to identify with females (for obvious reasons) and easier to see the character getting all beat up when it’s a male (Dresden…).

And the other thing that’s a bit surprising is that apparently, I read more books by male authors. Here I would thought it otherwise, but again – I don’t mind either way :).


Aww, the “other” gender still makes me smile :D. I guess a bit of explanation might be at a place here? There were like three stories in which characters genre was either completely undetermined or explained as “we have none”.

And again there’s a seemingly huge gap between new and known to me authors, but with the number of new series/books I’ve read that was kind of predictable. I actually thought it would be even bigger, so maybe it’s fine as it is.

I would track the indie/non-indie authors ratio too, but I’ve lost track which is which. As long as the books I’ve read was good it doesn’t matter to me if it was published by a huge company, self-published or got to me any other way. I’ll do my best to get the news of it to you, so more people could enjoy a good book :).

The ratings

And to end it up with a little curve let me show you what ratings I gave to the books I’ve read. I have a feeling I should be firmer with the fives. We shall see.


13 thoughts on “2016’s rainbow of charts ;)

  1. Hello Magda,

    Can I ask how you count the BBC dramas. I noticed that they actually covers the plot of the book, but hardly can be considered an audiobook. Do you include those in your charts? or do you read the full book later on? What is your idea on those, since I have no clue how to classify and grade these “books”?


    1. hi 🙂
      I count them separately and I completely ignored them in my end-of-year charts, etc. The only place they do count (because It can’t be done otherwise) is to Goodreads yearly challenge, but I have separate shelves for these, so I know how many actual books I’ve read :).

      And yes, sometimes I do read the full book later, but it’s rather rare since they are often from the genres I’m not comfortable reading, or simply not interested in the full story.

      And in few cases these are the stories I’ve already read and I like listening to these adaptations as a reminder of the story.

      Plus some of these were only made as radio dramas and there are no books for them 😉


  2. Wow it really is a rainbow of charts – I love it! You have some great categories – e.g. I like the different countries, never thought of that (I love that Mars is on there 🙂 ). I think if I did a ‘new vs known’ author graph it would be very embarrassingly one sided in the opposite direction to yours… I tend to stick with known authors – perhaps that’s something I need to improve on. It seems we both read a lot of fantasy and listen to a lot of audiobooks though! (was Ready Player One an audiobook recommendation? It would have to be one of my favourite audiobooks of all time)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It does take some time and effort to make all those charts! What kind of mangas do you read? Do you watch anime, too? I ❤ anime and fantasy of course. Though I did read a LOT of YA last year.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. my favorite ones for now are Naruto, Soul Eater and Laughing in a cloudy sky
      but there are plenty other out there I liked or want to read 😀

      and yes, I sometimes do watch anime, but not lately. I haven’t been watching much of anything lately and by “lately” I mean pretty much most of the year 😛
      I kind of missed some tv-shows I might like

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know how it is when you have barely any time on your hands. I’m actually doing a presentation right now. It’s way too late for that kind of stuff. I can’t wait to watch Shingeki no Kjojin ( Attack on titan) I loved that. Never heard of laughing in the sky but I might check it out later 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. it’s a cute manga I discovered last year by randomly buying few first volumes. I’ve ordered the whole series after I finished reading, which wasn’t too costy since it’s like 6 volumes 😀

          Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow, that’s some dedication to work up all those charts! (I haven’t even managed a year-end wrap up post.) But I must say, it’s pretty cool to see reading trends evaluated like that. You even bring up some ideas I’ve never really considered much, like the gender of the characters and authors I read. Nice work!

    Liked by 1 person

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