What happened in December – a short monthly summary

I’ve been pushing this post further and further and I don’t really have a reason for that other than I already posted so many summaries, short review, etc that Don’t have much more to add but let’s see if I have some curiosities left :).

The bookish statistics

  • Finished 9 stories: 1 graphic novel, 8 audio books, together 3310 pages. I should count this month in hours rather than pages but I’m way too lazy to count ;).
  • Average rating: 3.8 which is exactly what I had last month o.O.
  • I finished all of the bookish challenges that had a chance to be finished and forgot about others because… time
  • Since it was pretty much an Audiobook month I only managed to add more paper books to my library :P. I made it a challenge for this year to actually read them.

In other news:

  • I did mention I have a growing coffee addiction didn’t I? Well, it’s even worse now since I got a coffee machine for free :D. I’m doomed!
  • Since it was a Chrismas time I’ve spent a lot of time concentrating on gifts and preparation and stuff and I didn’t really do much more.
  • Surprisingly I’ve only lost one plant this year! That’s quite an achievement for me, so don’t stare strangely 😛 Aaaand it looks like one orchid decided it might be time to actually blossom again! I wonder which one was it…
  • It seems “Nightingale” is quite a popular book since both me and my out though of buying it for my mom for Christmas 😛

Favorite book of the month

ready-player-oneReady Player One by Ernest Cline
Yes, I’m putting it up here again :D. It’s a great book and I want everyone to read it! I loved everything about it including the fact that Wil Wheaton read the audiobook :).

Biggest disappointment

a-natural-history-of-dragonsNatural History of Dragons
This one ended up as a DNF unfortunately. I love dragons and I had this book on my list for years now, so when I found this audiobook available on playster I quickly started listening. Unfortunately, it wasn’t what I expected, but to be fair it’s pretty much what the title/cover suggests.

All the other stories I’ve read:

As usual – from worst to best and links (click on covers) lead either to my reviews or to Goodreads page.

queen-of-hearts     Mogworld armada
12-doctors-12-stories this-savage-song     brigada     nevernight

Five-star reads:

sleeping-giants ready-player-one

Currently reading / listening to:

hero idz-i-czekaj-mrozow le-groupe-w-largo-winch

Hero – The last part of the epic saga about Drizzt. I want to read it, but it will end it all! Even if I haven’t read most of the middle books yet ;).

Idź i czekaj mrozów [Go, await the frost – not really a great translation, but it’s all I have now] – A new Polish fantasy that I was recommended by my friend and for now it’s really exciting and I’m starting to wish it had an English version so all of you could read it!

Largo Winch: Group W – And something that needed undusting – a book I had for a while now, based on French graphic novels and for now much less exciting, but maybe it will get better.

Working on reviews:

Basically, I have many almost forgotten reviews I need to write and one new that’s waiting for better times. I’m thinking of writing a sort of short reviews post to sum all some of those last year books.


Thank you all!

14 thoughts on “What happened in December – a short monthly summary

  1. I loved Ready Player One enough to give it as a Christmas book. I’m curious what you think about Armada, I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much.
    I’ve been meaning to read the natural history of dragons forever too, but I’m not in a hurry. Maybe if I’m in the right mood I’ll enjoy it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Armada wasn’t so good, I was really disappointed in the end. It had all the proper elements, but it felt like Cline wanted to continue his VR theme and didn’t really had such a great idea on how to do it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I am horrible when it comes to plants! I might test myself with a succulent this year.
    I have seen Ready Player One pop up all over the place. I definitely want to read it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I am too, I’ve started with one orchid and they are surprisingly easy to keep. And big yes for succulents – I got some this autumn and they still live 😛
      And a chili plant – I have no idea how this one survived with me, but not only it still grows I actually had few chili peppers and they were way hotter than the ones from which the seeds came from!


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