Top 5(ish) Wednesday: 2017 Goals

imgresIt seems this Top 5 Wednesday provides me with kind of a deadline to finally list my challenges :). I was bound to do it anyway, so here it goes. But since 5 is such a small number for a yearly challenge, so instead I’ll make five sets of them instead. Oh, and there will be statistics and graphics 😛

5. Bookish goals

Read more of the older books instead of all of the new stuff. New books are awesome, but I’m getting more and more behind with older books. I used to read many more stories published years ago and now… well here’s how my chart looks like for this year:


Read more books by the authors I liked. It seems I have a tendency to explore new books and authors instead of reading the series and single novels from the people I liked.

And since I’m talking about series – continue and/or finish some of the series, especially the ones that are already complete and that I own.


Format – read more paper books, mostly because I own way too many unread books, so I might as well say – read more of owned books :D.

Change bought to read ratio to positive. For now, I’m buying more books that reading (what I bought) and I want to change that.

reading_challenge_badgeDon’t be afraid to DNF
, because some books are just not worthy (sorry, but you know it’s true) and there are plenty of better stories out there that I’d like to read.

And obviously, there’s the Goodreads challenge – starting with 104 and adding more on the way :). We’ll see how far I can get this.

4. Reviews and review copies

Once again I’d have to add the “request less” goal to my list because I still have a bit too many review copies to read and way too low NetGalley rating, so I’ll work on that again this year. I made some progress last year, so I hope I’ll get to this magical 80%. It kind of helped that I found no interesting books in December :D. See the nice chart bellow? I think I’ve got a problem :P.


Other than that I’d like to review at least 50% of books I’m reading. I won’t be counting BBC dramas because… well I’m too lazy and I have no idea how to review these :P. You’ll still see some of my short messages on BBC Thursday, but that’s pretty much it.

3. Health & knowledge

Since I still have a motivation (my friends) I’ll continue my path to lightness :P. I intend to loose few more kilograms this year, hopefully, more than last year.

As an addition to that, I should really start exercising, we’ll see if it will happen :/. I know it already sounds negative, but I’ve been trying to do this for years…

japanese-martial-art-kick-silhouette_62147507851Oh, and since we’re at it… more homemade meals and fewer takeaways, or other food I can buy at work… mostly financial reasons here because let’s face it, it’s usually cheaper to make something than buy it. Usually, not always, but still.

And one more leftover goal – learn some Japanese! After a total failure from 2015, I should pick it up.

2. Non-bookish entertainment

Finish building those models I have. I’ve got 3 of them and two are already started: BSG Viper Mk2 and Mk7 and very pretty and challenging for me sailing ship Alexander von Humboldt. Just like these:

vikermk2_01 201e-alexander-von-humbolt-01r

Play and finish as many of those PC games that I own for years and have never touched :P. Yeah, those bundles are treacherous.

Watch all of Doctor Who episodes that I haven’t seen yet. ALL of them.

And dust this poor camera of mine, because it lies forgotten and it doesn’t deserve that. I’m starting to miss making photos. I intend to make plenty of photos this year. It’s possible you won’t see any 😛 but I always preferred to photograph pretty flowers, bugs, and views rather than books, so it seems kind of off-topic for this blog. Plus I’m shy 😛

Visit a country I haven’t been to yet!

1. Blogging

Comment more, because I haven’t done enough of that and you guys know it :/. Most of the time I simply don’t know what to write, but I’ll try.

Plan better – may it be through post scheduling or through planning what and when, but I should work on that a bit because it’s a total mess now. Maybe figure out a specific time of the day to write?

TV-Kitty-icon2I know most of you probably figured out your goals and challenges for this year? Let me know what they are! And how did you do last year :D. 

44 thoughts on “Top 5(ish) Wednesday: 2017 Goals

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  2. Your stats are really interesting! I’m amazed you read so many recently published books (is a lot of that because of Netgalley?). I feel like I am always late to the party, catching up on books published several years ago that everyone else has already read, so my goal is usually the opposite – read more recently published books! I can totally understand the problem of not continuing/finishing series though, or not reading other books by authors I’ve enjoyed – I’m always more inclined to try out new books and authors. Last year I changed that a bit and continued more series but I still have plenty to go.

    Anyway, good luck with your resolutions!!

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    1. 🙂
      Yeah, 46 out of 51 were from NetGalley or other ARC-giving source. It’s kind of scary because I usually read books that were published years ago, but NetGalley and basically blogging changed this. I had a nice run last year, but I’d like to go back to some of my older reads, especially the series and authors I’ve liked.

      but new stories are so irresistible sometimes :D. I’ve already posted one review today for a book published this year…

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      1. Haha yes, new stories are so irresistible! Well, I guess your goals of trying to catch up with the NetGalley review copies and trying to read older books might be working against each other a little bit – but then with the large overall amount of books you plan to read, as long as you manage to do a bit of both you’ll probably still make big dent in both piles.

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        1. 😀 I can certainly try
          besides I already have plenty of books picked up on NetGalley (hence the bad rating) so technically they won’t be from this year, well most of them won’t be anyway 🙂

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  3. I’ve found having a blogging planner really helpful in organizing blog posts, when I post and when I work on said posts. I think embracing DNFing is life-changing. I used to have to finish every book I picked up, but now I’m much more willing to put a book down if I don’t enjoy it after so many pages. I’ve cut down on the one or two star reads throughout the year. I hope you accomplish all of your goals this year!

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    1. I’ve tried scheduling, I still have certain days left for certain kind of posts, but it’s not like I’m able to keep strictly to that schedule 😉
      But it does help.
      Thanks 🙂


  4. ahh yes I agree so much with your bookish goals! Particularly not reading books by authors I already like- I used to do that so much more. Plus I also find I read more books from recent years than I used to! And yes I need to be less afraid to DNF!!! Good luck with all your goals!!

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  5. These are great goals! How did you make that chart of books read by year? I would love to see my own reads organized like that. I also want to cut on requesting books on Netgalley / Edelweiss to catch up and to comment more on blogs and plan ahead better. As for learning Japanese, good luck! It seems like a beautiful language 🙂 I hope I can continue learning German this year.

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    1. I’m using Google Docs to track various stats for my reads and this one came out of this Excel app, I simply manipulated it a bit to look cute :P. I love these star points! They would look even better with a different color, but that can’t be done, at least not in the online version, maybe MS Excel could help?

      Good luck with German! Pity I’ve never learned it, but through some random happenings I ended up learning Russian instead. It certainly made my language learning life easier since it’s a bit similar to Polish. Except the alphabet 😀 But thanks to that I can read their letters and I can use it at work 😛 I think that also made it easier for me to learn some hiragana – my mind simply knows that there are other letters than latin. But there’s no way I could learn Arabic-like alphabets… all these worm-like letters that keep on changing depending on which is where…Respect to all who know how to use it and weren’t thought it since childhood.

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      1. That’s amazing, I had no idea Polish and Russian were anything alike! True, my outmost respect to those who learn languages with different alphabets 😀
        Good to know about the chart! You are very dedicated keeping track of your reading like that, how cool. Thank you!

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  6. thebookprophet

    Great goals! I love the charts you created, I love charts lol I’m a chart nerd. Japanese is such a difficult language and although I think it would be cool to learn, I don’t think I could do it, so props to you for sticking with it! Good luck on the Doctor Who thing, I stopped watching around where 11 was looking for Clara.

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    1. I love that you love charts 😛
      I have this great favorite weather app that shows pretty great and accurate charts – way better than anything on TV, etc

      Japanese isn’t that difficult unless you’ll count kanji (which pretty much is my main goal to learn). It has rather simple grammar (well… in comparison to Polish) and it sounds nice 😀

      I also haven’t watched all of 11th Doctor episodes, but I also have lots of older ones to see, like between 2nd and 9th Doctors. I like the old ones 🙂 They are kind of weird now with all the outdated effects, etc, but the stories are still fantastic.

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      1. thebookprophet

        I think it’d be cool to learn Japanese, so I may try and attempt it one day… I haven’t seen the original Doctor Who episodes, only the New Who, so I can’t really say anything about those. Who’s your favorite doctor? Mine is 10

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        1. Oooh I can never decide 😀 It’s like asking about the favorite book 😛
          I love the First, he was really awesome and I was really sad he was changed, especially since Second was rather strange and not so great.

          From the newer ones though I adore 9th since he was the first Doctor I’ve ever seen, so I have kind of a special connection here, but 10th… damn he was great! Well, the actor is great, so it’s kind of understandable 😛
          When his last season was ending I had this though that I will certainly NOT like the next doctor, just because! Well, I failed after about 10 minutes into the episode :P. So 11th is also great.

          They are all great!

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          1. thebookprophet

            Yeah I really loved 11 as well, but I don’t know… so much changed between 10 and 11 and I find myself missing 10 and his episodes a lot when I was watching 11.

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          2. thebookprophet

            The beach farewell thing was pretty tragic. If I had to rate the companions (between Donna, Rose, Martha, and Amy) in order of like to least-like It’d have to be Donna, Rose, Amy, and then Martha.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. I agree on Amy and Martha on the last two positions 🙂
              I also liked some of these one-episode companions, like Sarah Jane and K-9, the “I’d love to see him as companion” Jack, and obviously River

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  7. Great goals! I like how you’ve got a really well-balanced list with a little of everything on it. I’m totally with you on the NetGalley issue. I’ve managed to scrape my rating up to 65% but I still have about 50+ books to read/review for the site. It’s a problem we all have, I think haha

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    1. Well.. it’s the manga and anime and I’d love to go there someday :D. Basically, my main goal is to learn enough to read (I already know some kanji, most of hiragana and soma random katakana) and speak at least a bit, but no I can’t really say I understand it yet 🙂

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        1. well, at least you know how to speak 😛
          I’ll work on that, but it’s not easy and not because it’s a hard to learn language, it’s more because contrary to English it’s not everywhere. I pretty much learned English from practice rather than school (which is why I still have huge grammar problems :P)

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    1. Each time I open NetGalley page I promise myself I won’t go request crazy… I failed so many times, there are so many books I’d love to read! And few reviews I simply can’t gather myself to write from various reasons… I should add that to my goals actually…

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    1. Simply enjoying reading sounds great too!
      It’s good I sound organized at least here 😀 I could use some of that in pretty much everything else, but I’m just sooo lazy sometimes


  8. Last year, I really started reading mostly backlist books, and I’ve been truly enjoying it. I’m making that a goal for this year as well, together with reading more of the books on my shelves and buying/requesting less.

    Good luck with your goals!


  9. I am a rather ruthless DNFer and I encourage people to embrace it. It’s very liberating. 🙂

    Good luck with all your goals this year! I am also trying to lose a bit more weight, and get through my own books. And I hope you enjoy the Doctor Who episodes you have remaining.

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    1. Thanks 😀
      The weight loss gets easier with friends ;). We’ve got a bet between the five of us and it’s all slowly going forward. It’s really motivating they you see what progress others are making.

      And Doctor Who is always entertaining :D. I have like tons of episodes between 2nd and 9th Doctors from when my disk broke and I lost them… and then about half of 11th and further

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