2016 Goodreads summary

Hello people!

How was Christmas? Any bookish gifts? Well I didn’t get any, but I got some fantastic ones, so I’m totally happy :D.

Anyway, Goodreads already prepared a standard yearly summary and I think now’s the time to share it with youΒ since I think that’s pretty much how it will look like at the end of the year. Not that I won’t be reading, but I don’t think I’ll actually finish anything by then.

If you’re curious about what I’ve read and how I rated it here’s the GR summary of this year in books:


21 thoughts on “2016 Goodreads summary

    1. well… technically 137 of these are BBC dramatizations, but that still makes quite a nice amount πŸ˜›

      My goal was set on 300, but next year I’m thinking of starting with 104 (excluding BBC) and raising it as I go πŸ™‚


  1. rashthedoctor

    Hah ! I was also planning on sharing this , but instead I went and did a review , also i do have some comic book to read in the remaining two days , so i held back .

    That said I can see that compared to you I’m a very generous when it comes to rating , as it stands my avg rating stands at 3.71 πŸ˜…

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    1. I was going to write a review but I wasn’t in a mood to finish it ;P
      I also have some graphic novels to read, but I’ll probably finish them after New Year πŸ˜‰

      I thought I was rather generous this year with my 3.70 πŸ˜€ It certainly upgraded my overall Goodreads rating, which is 3.45.

      Anyway, I’d love to see your summary post too

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      1. rashthedoctor

        I’ll probably post it in a day or two , and by the way I’m throwing around 4s and 5s on Goodreads I don’t see my avg rating coming down

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    1. πŸ˜€ well some of them were very short and I still have plenty of BBC dramas, although way less than last year.
      And there were few favorites, some series I’d love to continue, plenty new authors I was glad to find πŸ™‚


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