Audio Thursday

It’s funny what you can find among the Black Friday deals. I was browsing the net, searching for some maybe-to-be gifts and I stumbled upon two pages offering audiobooks and ebooks for such a low monthly pay that it seems like a crime. Add to that a test period of 14-30 days and you can have plenty of reading material to last throughout these long winter evenings. Both of these come with a phone app so you can take your books with you wherever you want.


I’ve started using It has a 30-day trial period and besides books, you can also watch movies and listen to music. There are plenty of new and old books there. I’ve already listened to “Dark Matter”, I’m working my way through “Mogworld” and I have plenty of books in my queue :P. Both the app and the page itself have some good and bad sides.

The good:
  • availability
  • it’s totally cheap, 5.50 per month is not much for all these books
  • recommendation option, or rather suggestions – once you’ve listened to something, you can check the recommendations to find more books you might like.
  • listening between various devices – you can switch between your app and the page to keep listening without losing the progress
The not so good:
  • organization of the library is kind of strange and I haven’t found a way to browse the whole catalog, you might rather need to search by author/title then hope for the whole library view
  • the constant need to be logged in; even though the app has an “offline” option, you still have to go online to log in and then you pretty much have to stay online to listen because it might log you out and not save the progress
  • search option doesn’t always work as it should
  • and a little thing that annoys me more than it should – the reading progress is shown only by chapter, not by the whole book-length
  • I haven’t found a way to delete the downloaded books from the phone which might be deadly for the memory…


This one I haven’t tried yet as I’d like to prolong the free trial periods as much as I can :D. Contrary to Playster Storytel has localized pages, which means you can find some books in your own language and listen to these instead of only English ones. Obviously, I’ve checked the Polish site and it has a nice choice of book that I’ll happily read both in Polish and English. Can’t wait to try this one :).

This one is strictly for audiobooks and has similar pricing and a bit better catalog ;P. Actually, the whole page seems to work better and faster.

Have any of you tried this?
How’s the app? Working fine?
Can you download the books and listen to them offline?

Oh, and I just realized it might sound like a commercial, but I wasn’t paid to write about them or anything, I’m just letting you know about some free audiobooks 😀

BBC Thursday

BBC_Radio_logoAnd here’s the BBC Radio chapter for everyone who’s interested :).
I’ve got two drama’s for this week and a link to a special audition.

1. The Call of the Wild by Jack London

BBC Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Goodreads | Days left: 23

Buck, a sturdy crossbreed canine (half St. Bernard, half Shepherd), is a dog born to luxury and raised in a sheltered Californian home. But then he is kidnapped and sold to be a sled dog in the harsh and frozen Yukon Territory. Passed from master to master, Buck embarks on an extraordinary journey, proving his unbreakable spirit…

2. The King of Winter (The Scarifyers) by Simon Barnard and Paul Morris

BBC Episode 1 | Episode 2 | two more episodes to come | Goodreads | Days left: 25

Midsummer, 1938. When a train porter is frozen to his living room chair (then nearly crowned Miss Croydon), MI-13’s Harry Crow (David Warner) and Professor Dunning (Terry Molloy) are on the case. But what links the unfortunate porter to the equally glaciated peer-of-the-realm, Lord Trumpley?

3. Men, Martians and Machines by James Follett

BBC Episode | Days left: 25

Novelist, playwright and screenwriter James Follett is nothing if not prolific – many of his dramas graced BBC Radio’s schedules throughout the 1980s and 90s – most notably the Destruction Factor, The Light of a Thousand Suns and Earthsearch.

Over 3 hours, James introduces some of his own BBC radio highlight

Happy listening!


4 thoughts on “Audio Thursday

  1. Lucky you!
    I’m thoroughly pissed off (pardon the French) by Black Friday and all its abominable spam.
    On the brighter side, another story on the BBC this week was Evelyn Waugh’s ‘Scoop’ – absolutely hilarious in a subtle way.

    Liked by 1 person

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