When Halloween meets Christmas

What do you do when you see a bookish version of one of your favorite movies? You reach for it and start reading hoping it will be good, which is exactly what I did when I’ve seen Nightmare before Christmas on NetGalley.

disney-manga-tim-burtons-nightmare-before-christmasDisney Manga Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas by Jun Asuka

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I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

If you know the movie [and you really should] you’ll know exactly what this manga is about. If however, for some strange reason, you have never heard of Nightmare before Christmas here’s what it is about:

Jack, the Pumpkin King, the scary master of Halloween is pretty much having a breakdown ;). By an accident, he discovers doorways to other holidays, especially the upcoming Christmas and decides it would be wonderful to change profession and become Sandy Claws (also known as Santa). Obviously, now everything goes according to plan [I sooo wrote that with a Corpse Bride tune in my head].

The story is great and I really love the movie, the music, the animation. I do like Burton’s movies, especially the animated ones and I was hoping that this manga will give them justice. But I think there was one important thing missing – music. That’s one of the greatest parts of these movies and I didn’t realize how much it influences the mood of the story. There are even parts of the songs written here and there, simulating the singing, but they are chaotic and partial, so even if you have these songs in your head it’s not the same.

The graphic is pretty much exactly like the one in the movie. When I’ve seen it was supposed to be manga, I thought the characters might be altered in some way to give it more manga-like look, but it looks like a recreation of some scenes. The only manga-like feature was that is was written right-to-left and the first page was at the end of PDF file I received, which was a bit confusing. I wouldn’t have a problem reading the paper edition of this, but with the electronic version, I’d rather expect standard page changing direction.

However, no matter these issues, it’s still a nice collectible if you’re a fan. The graphic’s the same, the story’s still there and I bet it would look good on the shelf.

TV-Kitty-icon2Do you like Burton’s movies?
Which one is your favorite?

8 thoughts on “When Halloween meets Christmas

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  2. awh, i’d love to have a go at requesting this from NG but I have a problem with reading the Graphic Novel files… I have a smallish laptop and the last GN I got through NG was a disaster to try and read… pity…

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        1. Yup, Adobe is pretty much the only reasonable choice for these damn protected pdf files…
          Maybe instead of a new laptop you can just buy an LCD display? Even a not-so big one with a pivot function would do 🙂

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