More Dresden and freaky Fey

There’s one word that comes to my mind after reading this: FUN! Yet another Dresden graphic novel I enjoyed a lot. Although I somehow imagined Thomas differently, but I can live with that.

dresden-files-wild-cardWild Card (The Dresden Files Graphic Novels)
by Jim Butcher, Mark Powers, Carlos Gómez

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I received a copy of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

A set of strange murders stirs unease among Chicago’s strongest forces. Once again Harry has to use his magical diplomatic skills to help save everyone ;P. We all know how good diplomat he is, right?

As pretty much every Dresden story this one is also entertaining, filled with action and near-death experiences. Some magic casting, a glimpse into Murphy’s past and tough negotiations (although they might’ve ended up surprisingly fast) will keep your attention. We’ll even meet Harry’s fairy godmother :).

It’s a good filler story when you can’t wait for another Dresden novel to come out. Plus it has a nice graphic. Even if I’ve imagined some of the characters differently, it was still pleasant to look at and easy to follow.

The ending left me staring at the screen, mouth wide open with these little comic bubbles saying things like: “what???” “seriously?” “no way!”. That was not something I’d expect. I kind of liked it, but I was expecting a very different solution. Which is fun, I love when authors can surprise you like that.

To sum it up, it was entertaining, filled with action, some snippets from the past and an unpredictable ending. Kind of a weird ending. 

DresdenAnd if you’re curious to check my other Dresden graphic novel review “Down Town“, click on the cover on the right 🙂

TV-Kitty-icon2Have you read Dresden graphic novels yet? Share your thoughts!
Do you think they are better than books or maybe they’re missing something?

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