This is our Independence Day!


Well, it is in Poland :D. That’s why I intend to show off some Polish books to you. I did try to check which of these were published in English, but it seems it’s not so easy. Buuut… I found this nice page: It has a list of authors and each of them has a little section with translated book and the “target” languages. Somehow it doesn’t look like it has it all, but it’s a start. The page is in English and it basically has news about Polish books, authors, etc.

When you can’t find information about a book, where do you go? Goodreads! 😛 So I searched, and here are some stories that I thought are worth attention. Click on the cover to go to Goodreads.

Children stories and fables

I only found these two books on Goodreads, but the second one seems to have a nice overview of some of Polish classic tales, so it should be a good start. and I do like Krasicki’s tales, I hope the translation does it justice 🙂

polish-fables twenty-eight-ancient-polish-folktales-and-fables

If you like classics

I’ve read these at school and I still think they shouldn’t do that to kids! I know these books are good, but not when you’re more interested in some fantastic creatures and magic instead of lovely descriptions and historical realism. I keep on telling myself I’ll read at least some of these again one day…

pharaoh with-fire-and-sword doll
quo-vadis pan-tadeusz

A bit of poetry

Now you probably noticed I’m not much into poetry, but there were some poems I’ve read and liked and here are some of the authors that seem to have their poetry translated two of them are among my favorites.

cyprian-kamil-norwid poems-new-and-collected sobbing-superpower

The awesome Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Because we do have some pretty imaginative writers in here. I’d normally split these two, but today I feel like keeping it together. Obviously, there are two most famous names – Lem with his many sci-fi stories that are just a bit philosophical, well… maybe more than a bit sometimes, but that’s what makes them amazing. And Sapkowski with his known-by-all-gamers Witcher books :P.

cyberiad last-wish

Other than these two, it seems most translations were done to European languages, but I’ll drop in a list of my favorite writers, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to find something for you among their books:

Ewa Białołęcka | Anna Brzezińska | Elżbieta Cherezińska | Eugeniusz DębskiJarosław Grzędowicz | Anna Kańtoch | Maja Lidia Kossakowska | Jacek Piekara | Andrzej Pilipiuk | Andrzej Ziemiański

Have a great day today! Happy Independence Day to the whole Poland!

Now I’m off to celebrate this day by playing board games with my friends 😛

9 thoughts on “This is our Independence Day!

  1. bookheathen

    Happy Polish Independence Day to you!
    I know ‘Quo Vadis?’ of course, and I expect I’ll know some of the fairy tales too, but will check out some of the others.

    Liked by 1 person

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