I have seen snow! And some winter reads.

No, no the first time in my life :P, that would be rather awkward living in Poland and never seeing the white fluff. The funny thing is we’ve talked with my friend yesterday that it would be nice to have snow this Christmas. Well, I guess she concentrated too hard on that wish and she got it earlier :P.

Not that it will stay for long. It’s way too warm. But it would be nice to go skiing for a while :). I know the photo is bad, but it’s blue and snowy!


Anyway, that [and all the Christmas shop decorations that showed up merely a week after Halloween] made me realize I’ve got less and less time to finish my yearly challenges! I might fail the A-Z again… I’ve already got a list of books few months long and some winter reads I want to squeeze in that I don’t think I can add anything else. Then again… I still have few vacation days left :P.

But let’s face it, I’d use them to play games.

I wanted to mention some snow-friendly books I hope to read this winter :). Some of them I’ve already read, some I’m just curious for.

harry-potter-and-the-chamber-of-secretsHarry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets

Let’s start with a book that I still need to buy, but it’s not a problem since I was waiting for it anyway. I loved the first illustrated volume and I want to have them all now! It was a pleasure to re-read the story in this lovely version. Well, it would be a pleasure in another version too, but I do like pretty books 😛


Disney manga: The Nightmare before Christmas

Yes, I know I’ve mentioned this story during monthly summary, but I barely started reading it then. It is a short graphic novel, so I should finish it the same day, right? Well… if it only was better. I really like the movie and they wanted to make it work as a manga/graphic novel, but it’s just missing something. Maybe the songs? Maybe something else.

opowieść wigilijna a chrismas carolA Christmas Carol

I’ve got this lovely edition a few months ago and I honestly can’t remember actually reading the story, even though I’m pretty sure we talked about it at school… It was so long ago. Then again, I could swear my cat was younger than 8 years and yet I found his photo today from that time. He was so cute and small!
He’s still cute… when he sleeps when he’s awake he’s just as moody as his owner :P.

frost-burnFrost burn

An indie book about two quite opposite kingdoms that need to survive sudden changes. I was offered this book for review, read a sample and got hooked :D. I really like this idea, at first, it might not seem very original, but I liked how the author showed these two kingdoms, the main heroines. We’ll see if it’s as good as the reviewers say, but I have a good feeling about it.


I want to give this book another try. I didn’t like it the first time I’ve read it, but after seeing so many compliments toward it from you guys, I want to read it again and see if I still like the movie better [probably, it does have delicious images of chocolate and very good actors after all]. But it looks like a perfect book to read sitting in a warm chair with a cozy blanket [and probably a cat] and a big cup of cocoa [with a pinch of special kind of chili peppers].

Sing down the starsSing Down the Stars

Possibly followed by the second volume, because it was on my list for waaaay too long and I have a feeling I’d need a nice a young-adult book with a bit of romance among my winter reads. Did anyone read this one? Is it good?


And a book with a winter cover :P. I’ve seen GR reviews of this one and it seems some people this heroine is kind of like Elsa? Anyway, I’m curious about this story, even though I have a feeling it will have some cliches in it. I guess I’ll have to read it to see.

charlaine-harris-grave-surpriseCharlaine Harris’ Grave Surprise

Now that will be a curious read for me. I’ve read the first part of the story, but as a novel and in an audio version. I’m kind of worried if continuing this in a graphic novel form will be right, but it’s just so tempting! Besides, if I won’t like this format [which is rather unlikely since I do like graphic novels] I could always read the novel later on :).

TV-Kitty-icon2Sorry for making this list so long, but I just couldn’t skip any of these books. What books do you have on your soon-to-be-read list? Anything Chrismas or snow related?


6 thoughts on “I have seen snow! And some winter reads.

  1. I much prefer to look out at nature’s beauty from a distance – and snow is beautiful and I like photographing it. Maybe that’s why I’m planning to spend this Christmas in the Snowy mountains of Australia?

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  2. thebookprophet

    Great list! AND SNOWWWWW It’s so beautifulll! I love winter so much! But it barely snows where I live so I can’t say I would love to be buried in it… but I love curling up in a blanket and reading and hot cocoa is my jam. I haven’t even purchased the first HP Illustrated edition (I don’t even own the entire harry potter series… oops?). But I will definitely get them some day.

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