Two more stories by the creative duo

It’s about time I wrote this review. I’ve been putting it off for too long now and these authors don’t deserve that kind of treatment. True, these stories weren’t my favorite, but they still fit fantastically to the whole world and are definitely worth reading if you want to see the whole picture.

I received copies of these stories from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Rend the DarkRend the Dark (Rend the Dark #1) by Mark Gelineau, Joe King

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This story was a bit strange at the beginning – you’ve got a prolog following Ferran’s past and when the prolog’s over, the story immediately switches to another character, Riffolk and stays with him. He’s not one of the warriors, it’s more like he’s a witness to the events. It was rather interesting to see the main characters from a different point of view.

I think it was the first story that made me see that all these stories are connected, that all the future heroes had the same beginning – in a burned-down orphanage.

I had a feeling all this action went a bit too fast. Maybe if there were few more pages, the story could add a few bits here and there, but I guess it was intentional.

SkinshaperSkinshaper (Rend the Dark #2) by Mark Gelineau, Joe King

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The second part of these stories moves on with the trio’s adventure. This time they’ll have much harder evil to defeat. They are following Mireia’s dark visions into mountains, little they know what awaits them.

This story felt even darker than the first one. It was filled with action and horror, although the little character development we’ve got was rather interesting. The struggles they got through were very believable and tough, so even though the story was too rushed, it’s still worth the time.


These stories were darker than the other two series I’ve read. More bloody and scary, the characters felt a bit hopeless at times. Maybe that’s what bothered me. It is good to throw heroes the impossible task from time to time, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. Maybe it’s the RPG session talking right now, but… well it felt like they have no choice whatsoever, that they have only one, dark path they can follow.

Still, these are good stories filled with action and worth checking out.

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TV-Kitty-icon2Did you read stories from Echoes of the Ascended series?
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2 thoughts on “Two more stories by the creative duo

  1. I enjoyed these two additions to the world more than you did, but they were definitely darker than the others. Hopefully, we will be getting some more of these two writers and this amazing fantasy world fairly soon!

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