What happened in October [Monthly summary]

This month’s summary not only comes a few days later than usual, but it will also be rather short as autumn grabbed a hold on me and my laziness went sky-high.

The bookish statistics

  • Finished a shameful 13 stories: 1 novel, 1 graphic novel, 11 mangas, together 2966 pages.
  • Average rating: 4.6 which again doesn’t mean much with all the 5-star Naruto books. I just can’t rate them differently!

In other news:

  • Have I mentioned being lazy? So not much in this section for now :). I hope I’ll have something better next time.
  • I love playing D&D as a monk! They are freaking awesome! Although, I do miss spells on my list and running straight to an enemy is not really my style. But it’s still lots of fun.
  • And no, my warlock haven’t died, she’s still being her evil self and having fun with it :P.
  • A certain manga shop had a promo… so I got more manga to read 😀
  • I have tons of unread posts from you guys… I probably won’t manage to read them all, but don’t be surprised to see some movement on your month-old posts ;P
  • My last days of October were spent mostly playing AC VI: Syndicate which is surprisingly better than Unity, but don’t expect a particular storyline – there is one, but it’s both chaotic (lost among all the sidequests) and very vague. Still, the game has some fun elements that make the series enjoyable again, like Evie and zip line!

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