Interview with J.L. Tomlinson

j-l-tomlinsonWelcome back bookworms!

It’s time for another interview, this time with a fantasticΒ J.L. Tomlinson – a fantasy writer with quite an imagination straight from New Zeland :). Her new book is about to come out – the third volume of Ardentia series. Stories of magic, friendship and a quest for the better future.

Check out her answers to some of my annoying questions πŸ˜‰ and remember to visit the Stalker zone at the bottom!

Your book “The Empyrean Key” starts off with the trio of characters, can you tell us how they got together?

Jahna, Lilac and Silko were all born in Groden Cove which is a small beach village in the land of Ardentia, where the series takes place. Each of them was bullied or ostracised for different reasons; Jahna is half Narcean (a dark-skinned race of telepaths and prophets); Lilac has always been quite masculine and finds it difficult to form friendships; and Silko is an overemotional bookworm who is an easy target for ridicule. They befriended each other almost as a form of protection, but are quickly bonded by their shared inadequacies and unique talents. Continue reading “Interview with J.L. Tomlinson”