breaks and D&D

Hi guys!

I’ve been kind of absent lately. The short reason is… I’m totally not in a mood to write anything. The longer version – I was sick for a week and I’m lost in D&D. I’m passionately watching Critical Role and I love it! Plus I’m playing with my friends a bit and there are soooo many things outside the actual game I want to read about that I pretty much have no time for other stuff.

I have no regrets :P. It’s fun and I like it!


Actually, my DM invited me to play with yet another group, so I’ll be trying to play two campaigns and two completely different characters. The new one is so is going to be a painfully good monk that tries to avoid violence… she’ll most likely fail, but it’s worth a try. It’s a challenge :D.

Anyway, I hope you have many interesting things to do and that you won’t miss me too much [maybe just a bit?]. I’ll try to get back to writing soon. I’ll have to do some reading too because I’ve only read a few more parts of Naruto, Warship Jolly Roger and I’m still reading Angels in the shadows – it’s a tough read for me, but I want to finish it. I’ll let you know my thoughts when I’m done :).

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