Top 5 Wednesday – Characters You WOULDN’T Want to Trade Places With

imgresThat must be the easiest Top 5 Wednesday I’ve seen. Seriously, it’s so easy to choose the characters that had some horrible time or a bad ending, people you wouldn’t want to replace in their stories.


Lord of the ringsFrodo from Lord of the Rings – say what you will, but I would not want to be him and suffer all that he had. You have to admire this little guy and his spirit to survive all of it. He might’ve ended up more or less well… I’d rather be Sam. His ending was way better and he didn’t have to carry that cursed ring.


storm-frontHarry Dresden from Dresden Files – the amount of beating this guy takes! Geez , I’d rather sit on my couch and read about it than actually be him! Even with all the wicked powers he’s got.

Same thing would go for a certain Iron Druid – Atticus O’Sullivan.


MartianMark Watney – the famous Martian – well seriously, as awesome as he is I do not envy his situation! And honestly – I would not survive that.

Then again, I would have all the smarts, so maybe it would be worth it 😛


Hunger GamesKatniss from Hunger games – one of the two most obvious choices, the reason she’s on the second place is because she survives but the cost of it! I definitely wouldn’t want to be her and I wouldn’t even want to live there!

Well, would any of you?


DivergentTris from Divergent – mostly because of the ending (and I’m not talking about the movie version because it makes even less sense). I guess if the ending was different…

Nope, even then… her life was way too messed up.
Then again… Four…

TV-Kitty-icon2What are your T5W choices?
Which characters you wouldn’t want to switch places with?


18 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday – Characters You WOULDN’T Want to Trade Places With

  1. Dr Frankenstein AND his creation – both come to unpleasant ends – deserved maybe, but still unpleasant –
    Roger in Northern Lights(His Dark Materials) – he comes to a bad end too but doesn’t deserve it –
    and Rochester in Jane Eyre – lucky to get away with just a blinding.

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