Top 5 Wednesday – Books You Want to See as TV Shows

imgresIt’s so hard to choose just 5! Seriously, today’s topic should rather be a top 50 not just 5 ;). I’d start with the stories that technically have tv-shows already, but they are not good enough, but maybe I’ll skip these. Well, except one that most fans agree NEVER HAPPENED! And the movie too. But they’ll make a better one (I hope), so let’s move on and hope for the best. Oh, and I’m talking about the first place here 😉


river-godAncient Egypt
series by Wilbur Smith. I’d love to see a good adventure series Indiana Jones-like and that’s exactly what Smiths series is. Starting in ancient Egypt (which I can’t resist) and moving on to modern times, discovering some ancient mysteries. I love this series! And I’d love to watch some cool recreation of ancient Egypt.


storm-frontDresden files by Jim Butcher, or rather a continuation. Yes, I’m among these few people who actually liked that one season and want to see more. I wouldn’t mind a completely new show, but I liked Blackthorne as Harry and I kind of miss it. And yes, I admit the story was a bit messed up, but if the TV-show doesn’t follow the books exactly it doesn’t mean it’s bad.


Kings or PawnsSteps of Power by J.J. Sherwood would make a fantastic and epic fantasy series. Imagine all these sexy elves on the screen, the magic, the plotting! So many occasions for a cliff hanger! And deaths that even G.R.R. Martin would be proud of ;).


CinderLunar chronicles by Marissa Meyer because sci-fi looks awesome on TV, add to that a great story and fantastic characters and you’ve got a perfect recipe for top TV-show. Should I add more?


last-wishWitcher by Andrzej Sapkowski because it should be awesome and it should happen already. Let BBC make it and make it epic! Because it deserves it. I can’t wait to see the new movie they suppose to be making. So many hopes, so many chances to mess it up!

TV-Kitty-icon2What stories would you turn into TV-shows?
Or maybe into movies?

BTW, I’ve watched “Allegiant” two days ago… Soooo wrong! They messed it up badly. Well, I don’t mind that she lived, but so many things were wrong! I didn’t like the last book much, but it kind of made sense… more or less… the movie didn’t.


17 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday – Books You Want to See as TV Shows

  1. BBC would make these shows epic. On the other hand, American tv would tweak them until they would be unrecognizable as anything related to the original. 😦


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