Top 5 Wednesday – Characters You’d Want as Family

imgresThis month has some pretty interesting T5W topics, so I might just do them all for a change ;). Today’s will be a short one, we’ll see next week, but I have little time to write it (and obviously haven’t done that before). So here it goes.


Magnus BaneMagnus Bane – to be the strange yet entertaining uncle with a great sense of fashion.I can totally see him dragging the family to another dangerous adventure and still doing it with style :P.


opowiesci_z_wilzynskiej_doliny_wyd_3Grandma Jagódka – to be the best granny you can think of with plenty of stories to tell, some wicked spells and the ability to change herself into a young woman… Yes well, you might think that last part would be useful only for her, but I can figure out some useful uses here too :). Plus if someone would be mean to her grandchild, she would be sure to punish him badly :D.


themartian2Mark Watney – to be the cool dad with some wicked problem-solving skills. You have a science project and no idea how to work it out? He’ll help. And I’m sure he’d be quite a good handyman and nothing would stay broken at home. And imagine telling your friends about your father’s space adventure! Sure they would be more interested in meeting him than actually hanging out with you, but you cold work it out ;).


navonportNavon – to be the naughty brother who you can do the fun stuff with and who always gets blamed for the mess ;). I think that pretty much explains it all. Plus I know he’d give his life to save you. Yup, I’m totally into this guy, even if he can be annoying – hence brother rather than a boyfriend :P.


hermioneHermione – to be the smart sister who could always help with homework and probably some other problems. Because who wouldn’t want a brilliant sister? Unless you’re an insanely jealous person :P.

TV-Kitty-icon2That’s it from me for today, now tell me what book characters would you like to add to your family?


8 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday – Characters You’d Want as Family

  1. I think I would love to have Hermione as my sister! I have chosen Elizabeth Bennet as my sister, from Pride and Prejudice. And of course I had to pick a Harry Potter character, but somehow Hermione wasn’t the one to come to my mind, it was Remus as my uncle.

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  2. Magnus and Hermione! Awesome picks. I would’ve definitely added Hermione to my list, but I tried to only chose one HP character for mine because otherwise I would’ve ended up with 5 hahaa 🙂

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  3. thebookprophet

    I think Ginny would be better as a sister, but I wouldn’t want Fred and George as my brothers for the sole reason I have a crush on Fred… and that would be weird. You compiled a great list! And having Magnus as the uncle is just brilliant!

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