What will you do to get in?

Yet another two orphans made it out to find their place in the world. Roan and Kay have a chance to become Razors. The only thing they need to do is pierce the veil.

I received copies of these stories from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Faith and MoonlightFaith and Moonlight (Faith and Moonlight #1) by Mark Gelineau, Joe King

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After their orphanage was destroyed Kay and Roan have one chance to stay off the streets and find a way to better life. They swear to it together. Nothing will set them apart. That’s why Kay needs to do whatever she can to reach for her inner power before the time is up. She has to do this to let Roan become what he was apparently born to be.

This is the third set of the stories I’ve read from this universe and for now – my favorite. It was quite refreshing to slow down a bit after “Rend the Dark” – that book is pretty much fight after fight and by the end of it I rather had enough.

It was also nice to read an origin story – getting to know the characters from the very beginning instead of just finding out they grew up and moved on into the world. This story gave us a chance to see what drives them, how they change and what possible future awaits them

Faith and Moonlight 2Faith and Moonlight: Part 2 (Faith and Moonlight #2) by Mark Gelineau, Joe King

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A bit of a warning here – as much as I’d love to avoid it, I simply can’t find a way not to mention something that will be a SPOILER for the first story, so if you haven’t read that, please just skip the gray text to the end of this review.

That said the next part of Kay and Roan’s tale concentrates on their school life. Roan finds himself among the best students – training with them, spending time with them and preparing to climb the Ladder – a ranking that seems to be their past to the future job.

Kay, on the other hand, is struggling with her dreams and thought. She wonders if what she did was worth it and if she won’t change into something horrible and deadly. She needs to learn to control her power, but can she really do it?

No more spoilers here! Anyway, I think I managed to kind of work around it, but better safe than sorry 😉

I honestly don’t know if I’d done the same thing Kay did. I know she did it for Roan, but maybe it wasn’t so smart. Maybe she’ll pay for it later. Maybe she’ll be lucky. I guess we’ll have to wait to find out.

Even though the story doesn’t move on outside the school it’s still not boring. The steady pace with occasional excitement seems perfect. Each of these stories is hard to put down and they are a perfect size for reading at one sitting.


I really liked these novels – the pace, the story, the bits and pieces of action and finding out what drives the main characters. Right now, I just wish I had another part to read.

I’m two books away from reading all published novels from the Echoes of the Ascended series and for now, these two were my favorite. Although Elinor’s story is quite good too.

Here’s my review of the Reaper of Stone stories: Reaper’s justice

TV-Kitty-icon2Have you read Gelineau and King’s stories yet?
Which character is your favorite?
Which story?


4 thoughts on “What will you do to get in?

  1. Agreed! Part 2 of Faith and Moonlight really had me emotionally distraught. I kept putting them off when I got them, but when I sat and read them it only took me like and hour/hour and a half. Kay is probably my favorite character because of how noble/altruistic her motives are. She didn’t make the best decision, but she made it because she wanted the best for Roan. If she didn’t make it in the school, she would have lived with it, but she didn’t want to take away Roan’s chances since she knew he wouldn’t stay without her. I really enjoyed it, but I’ve only read the two parts of Faith and Moonlight.

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