What happened in September [Monthly summary]

Seeing all those kids going to school makes me think of one thing – can’t they start lessons earlier and not overcrowd my train! Seriously, vacations were so beautiful – plenty of space to sit on and the trains were even on time more often, and now… Damn the next months will be hard.

Plus it’s cold. I don’t like when it’s cold. I’m getting sick and I don’t like it. The sun is still there, it just doesn’t warm you up anymore.

Do I sound depressed already? 😉

Anyway, it’s not so bad, but I already miss hot summer, especially since we had so little of it this year. And I’ll have a motivation to dust off some of these paperbacks to read on the cold – Kindle doesn’t like cold weather ;).

In other news:

  • There are now over 500 people following my humble blog!
  • I finally managed to un-mess my bookshelves! Oh yes, they are in order now. You have no idea how easy it is to find the book you’re looking for when you know the order. Fantastic! [I wonder how long will it last]
  • In addition to my little library cleanup, I’ve listed all my books, right now I’ve got 470 books :D.
  • I watched all of the Big Fat Quizzes again… Yup, I like them and I’m not ashamed to admit it. And bad dong to you if you haven’t seen them! [a little hint – youtube has them all]
  • From the gaming life – Victor Vran is a fun game if you like to smash things while listening to a quirky narrator who apparently doesn’t like you :P. Kind of a crossover between Diablo and Bastion.


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Top 5 Wednesday – Gateway Books to Your Favorite Genre

imgresIt is so hard to pick just one book from your favorite genre. And it’s hard to choose just 5 genres too apparently, but I guess these will have to do. Maybe these aren’t the perfect choices, but I love these books and I think they might make good starters :).

5. EnchantedFairytale retellings

Enchanted by Alethea Kontis – A cute and cuddly story that I loved. Maybe it’s more of a fairy tale itself rather than a retelling, but it has plenty of elements from more and less known tales.

It’s romantic, very nice and easy to read and it has some great characters.

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E. Chris Garrison’s Tipsy Fairy Tales Blog Tour featuring the novels Blue Spirit and Restless Spirit!


Engaging, fast paced and geeky – these are the words I’d use to describe these books. Skye makes an interesting heroine, not quite what you’d expect, especially since her special powers wake up only when she’s tipsy. It’s not easy to fight evil when you’re drunk :P.

I received both books from the publisher in exchange for honest reviews.

bluespirit_cover1200x800Blue Spirit

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Skye is a LARP gamer and she’s pretty good at imagining things, the problem is the fairy world she sees isn’t only in her head. And if you look into the fairy world the fairy world will see you too [oh yes, I couldn’t resist :P]. The new gamer in Skye’s group isn’t completely human and apparently she wants to destroy our heroine’s life. It’s going to be quite a challenge to keep everyone alive, get rid of the evil fairy queen and stay sane with all the booze flowing ;). Continue reading “E. Chris Garrison’s Tipsy Fairy Tales Blog Tour featuring the novels Blue Spirit and Restless Spirit!”

Cozy mystery strikes again ;)

If you like a nice cozy mystery from time to time this is another series I’ve started and if the other books are at least as good as the prequel – it’s something I could recommend.

All-Butter ShortDeadAll-Butter ShortDead (Oxford Tearoom Mysteries 0.5) by H.Y. Hanna

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Goodreads | Amazon

I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Gemma finally decided to go back home to Oxford and open a proper Tearoom. Little did she expect to find herself right in the middle of a murder case with her fellow plain passenger as a victim. And what’s worse – to become the main suspect! Continue reading “Cozy mystery strikes again ;)”