Monthly summary – August

This month has been half lazy and half reading break. Well, I did try to make up for all the days without books, so I kind of speed up my reading and ended up with the amount you’ll see bellow. It helped that I used many types of reads :).

So what did I accomplish in June?

  • Finished 19 stories: 3 graphic novels, 5 short stories, 5 audio books, 6 novels. Together a rather nice 3962 pages. I’m back on track! And 7 of these were finished or read during the last sunny weekend!
  • Average rating: 3.6
  • But the most important part of this month were my vacations :D. You know, the two weeks during which my blog was so silent and I was barely responsive :P. I had some good time biking, kayaking, gaming (board games are awesome!), sightseeing.
    Pity it always ends so fast.
    And even though I published so little this month, I still have almost as many visits from you guys as I had last month!
    You guys are fantastic!

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