My unusual reads in August

This month seemed to a month of experimental reads. Mostly due to SYNC. After my vacations were over and I wanted to make up for the hours without books I’ve started reading and listening like crazy (well, for me anyway). I finished some of the books I was “reading”, I’ve listened to some of the SYNC audiobooks, read few shorter and longer stories that were waiting for review for ages. Right now I’m hoping to finish “Bone Gap” (also audio) which I also wouldn’t pick up if not for SYNC [btw… the narrator has no idea how to read Polish and I have a feeling the author had a very little idea either… it’s almost as bad as watching the last X-Men movie. Almost].

Anyway, I just wanted to point out my odd reads and give a short summary of my thought about them :).

OnceOnce by Morris Gleitzman

A war story about a Jewish boy who ventures to find his parents.

At first, Felix annoyed me, his naivety was horrible, but let’s face it – he’s just a child. Continue reading “My unusual reads in August”