Funny Friday – RPG’s, young villains and strange curses

Ready for your Friday dose of humor? In today’s episode:

  • a graphic novel with a solid dose of RPG,
  • a series of young-adult novels about a supervillains and superheroes,
  • and a strange, yet funny novel with a cursed title 😉

The Guild
by Felicia Day, Jim Rugg, Dan Jackson

the guild The Guild Knights of Good

Which of you haven’t heard of “The Guild”? Well maybe not the graphic novel, but you did watch it on Youtube, right? If you have then you pretty much know why I find it funny and brilliant at the same time.
And relatable.
Oh yes, very relatable.
Although I wouldn’t quit my job to play games… but I might take a day off from time to time :P.
No, I don’t have a gaming problem…

Oh yes, the novel… The first book pretty much follows the story from the videos with all the funny situations, awkward dialogs, strange meeting, and gaming. The graphic is nice and colorful, very well fitted to the story and all the actors are easily recognizable.

In short – a pleasurable and funny read about a bunch of gamers and geeks 🙂

Please Don’t Tell My Parents
by Richard Roberts

Please Don't Tell My Parents I'm a Supervillain Please Don't Tell My Parents I Blew Up The Moon Please Don't Tell My Parents I've Got Henchmen

How about a story about an unwilling supervillain? Why unwilling you might ask? Penny’s parents are both superheroes as are her friends. She’s doing anything to bound her mad scientist superpowers to do good, but it looks like the world has a more villainous path for her.

If after that short description you think these books are all serious, you’re wrong! Most of the humor is obviously situational. All the moments when Penny tries to hide her deeds from her parents, how some of her inventions make more mess than she’d wish, how her friends help her and her enemies try to fight her.

Imagine a superhero/villain movie, make the characters younger and put them in school. Got the picture? 

If you’d like to read my review of the third novel check out this post: Superpowers at the loose.

Tfu, pluje ChluTfu, pluje Chlu! czyli Opowieści z Pobrzeża
by Marcin Wroński
Title translation: 
Pah, spits Chlu! or Tales from the Embankment

Let’s start with the title, because that’s what made me buy this book. It sounds strange and ridiculous. What does it even mean? One thing is sure – it catches your eye.

The thing is it’s just a curse. A superstitious saying that people use in Aytlan usually followed by turning around and spitting. This book is filled with peculiarities and strangeness. It’s just a set of stories about a troubled country but told in a funny and light way.

It’s been years since I’ve read this book and it still makes me smile when my eyes land on it. I might not remember the details, but if the general feeling can say something it must’ve been worth it. It’s not the most popular book of the author, but somehow I never got to read his other stories. From the descriptions, it looks that humor is his style, but the timeline and theme just don’t seem completely appealing to me.

TV-Kitty-icon2Do you have any funny titles from your country that are less known and you’d like others to notice them?

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      1. I noticed I need to be able to touch my comics for me to fully enjoy them :3. But these will go on my wishlist for sure now! It’s almost my birthday anyways, muahaha!

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