Pokemon GO book tag

Oh gosh, why are my vacations over?! Even the weather is crying for me! Well, it started raining yesterday evening already, but it’s understandable and I also felt the incoming doom of a working day closing in.

And today’s coffee tasted horrible. Maybe my office-coffee addiction is over? That would be actually good since it’s really not a good coffee we’ve got here :P. Even all the milk and sugar I’m putting in it doesn’t help much.

pokemon go book tag

Anyway, since the day’s so dull and horrid I wanted to write something fun. I wasn’t officially tagged by anyone, but I’ve seen this going around on many blogs and decided I want to give it a GO :).


It must’ve been one of Pratchett‘s novels. I couldn’t tell you which one did it exactly as I read several of them in a short time and one of them ad to do the trick ;). And since then I’m a Pratchett and fantasy fan :D.


Hmm, I don’t read that many classic books, I’m fond of Sherlock books, I love Master and Margarita, but since I’ve just re-read The Little Prince I’d say that’s the one.


I have to admit that as much as I’d like to read another story about Harry Potter I’m kind of losing interest after all the reviews (good and bad). I guess I’ll wait for the hype to pass and read it in my own time.


Never Trust a Skinny Cupcake Baker by D.E. Haggerty – a cute and humorous cozy mystery. There might be many of them out there, but not many good ones. I loved Haggerty’s books and if you like cozy mysteries you should check these out.


The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson – I have this book for over a year on my kindle and still can’t get to it. I’d love to know the story, but it has so many pages… Yea, I normally don’t care much for the page count, but there’s also the fanbase. What if I won’t like it?


The first three Harry Potter books. Yes, I love the other books too, but the first parts were the ones that made me read late at night and didn’t let me sleep.


There are so many! But at the moment I’d say: Alec and Magnus. They are so cute!


Storm Front by Jim Butcher – a fantastic read filled with action, magic, humor and great characters. Love it. And the next books in series too.


Probably Dresden Files. I love Harry – the books, the graphic novels and yes, I even liked the TV-show!.


Kings or Pawns by J.J. Sherwood a book that I was reluctant to read, but it was fantastic! I’m reading the second books now (I’d finish it already, but I haven’t read much during vacations – not much time :P) and I love it too. Plus the author is awesome! And have you seen the images of the characters on her page? They are so hot! I should stop now…


Hmm, I think that would be Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. I still haven’t read it, but I’d like to.


Since I’ve seen this lovely blue and black lit-up covers of Harry Potter series I wanted to scream “GIVE IT TO ME!”. Then I saw this fantastic edition on Kirsty’s blog:


Oooh, how I’d love to hug these books!


Kingdom of Ashes by Elena May. I hope I’ll like it as it does look interesting even with all the vampire novels around. I hope Myra will be my next favorite heroine :).


Pratchett, Butcher, Haggerty, Minkman, Clare, Kater and possibly few more. But not really an auto-buy. If I’ll see a new book by these authors I’m going to check it first and if it sounds good – it’s mine.


I’m not really a waiting type. I have several series I’d like to continue but most of these books are already published. I want to read Gemina, so I guess I’m kind of waiting for this release.


If there’s still someone who hasn’t done this yet, consider yourself tagged 🙂

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