What’s in these cupcakes?

How about a cozy mystery combined with cupcake overdose? I’d normally say “YES!” but in this case, it’s more of a “maybe”. In other words – these stories didn’t blow me away. But let’s move on to each of the books. I know this post might be a bit lengthy, but you can always check out only a part of it – the book that catches your eye. But I do hope you’ll at least glimpse at the whole thing :).

Killer Cupcakes Milda HarrisKiller Cupcakes (Celebrity Cupcakes Cozy Mystery #1) by Milda Harris

Goodreads | Amazon | 65 pages

A fast short story about a murder in a freshly opened cupcake bakery (I’m guessing they won’t have that many guests after that) in Hollywood.

The good sides of this story: cupcakes and length.
The bad – it wasn’t that fascinating. Entertaining enough for a short time, but not very engaging.

The plot was rather messy and not very interesting or original. The crime was rather easy to solve, but obviously, police didn’t do it because they were apparently too busy keeping an eye on the people in the bakery. Continue reading “What’s in these cupcakes?”