Three brothers to save the fourth

Yea, I know the post title is cheesy, but this poem’s been running through my head for a while now. It started at work, we had this “how would you improve… question and I thought about all the trackers we’re using and then went with the “One tracker to rule them all”, etc :P.
Too many books 😀
Oh wait, there’s no such thing!

Anyway, the book review! Yes, I wanted to write about a certain book. A pretty good one too :). If you’re interested in a young-adult sci-fi novel with few brothers as main characters I’ve got just the thing for you!

The Fourth PieceThe Fourth Piece (Order’s Last Play #1) by E. Ardell

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I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

What is it all about? Three brothers – Lyle, Devon, and Lawrie, who aren’t quite human, receive a psychic message from the long-lost brother who needs their help. Well, anyone’s help actually, but since the message reaches them it will have to do.

But the boys have no contacts with alien governments and they’d rather pretend to be pure humans then risk being hunted and beaten by all the visitor haters.

The story is told from the brothers’ POV’s. It was great to see their view on the events. The author has an eye for certain details that make the story realistic. Simple things that the characters do or see that might seem trivial and unimportant, but it makes them feel real. All boys are unique, not only due to the abilities they possess but most of all due to their characters, behaviors, preferences, attitude toward a new situation. They were used to a certain way of life and now it’s all about to change.

And not only the main characters matter. Boys have a great mother and she might only appear for a moment, but you can feel her presence throughout the story. The girls, who might become important for some of the brothers, won’t let you forget them easily.

As this is the first part of the series we’re bound to get some nice worldbuilding. Don’t expect whole chapters describing the world situation, it’s all perfectly mixed into the story. You’ll get just enough to move your imagination and that should get you going for a while. It feels almost like the world you know, but with some changes that feel natural in the story.

And if you’re wondering – yes, there will be action and a good one at that. This is one of the books that might keep you awake. Some parts feel strange at first, but it will make sense later on. I can’t really get used to Lyle’s visions. Maybe they’re supposed to be a bit messy and unclear? I guess that would fit.

The story ends rather abruptly and even if you can’t really call it a cliffhanger it not really an ending either. It’s more like watching a great pilot to a brand new TV-show. If they’ll never air the whole show, you’ll know where the characters ended up, but it won’t be satisfying.

If you need a break from all the strong heroines, love triangles, romance young-adult novels check out “The Forth Piece”.
If you don’t need that break, check it out anyway :D. It’s something different and original that you might enjoy.

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