Readathons – what are they all about?

Seriously guys, can someone explain to me how it all works and why do you think it’s fun?

The moment I’ve started blogging I found out about the idea of readathons. I have to admit the concept doesn’t really appeal to me, but with the amount of books I have on my list, I’m kind of tempted to try it out. Well, I actually tried once… an hour later I was playing on my PC and that was it, so I know I won’t be able to do that at home. Or in any place with a remote chance of finding a Pokemon… A place without any Internet connection would be preferable, like the middle of the desert :P.

Anyway, please tell me few things if you like readathons:

  • first of all – why do you like them?
  • why is this whole idea so appealing?
  • how do you make it happen?
  • and what miracles do you perform to finish?

In few days I’ll be finally starting my vacations and I’d like to try to do a readathon, so I need tips on how to make it work and how to survive!


18 thoughts on “Readathons – what are they all about?

  1. I’m in the same boat as you. A read-a-thon sounds like such a cool idea, but I’m not the type of person who’s able to do it. Partly because I don’t have the time to actually sit down and read consistently for a week or a few days, but also because I like doing a multitude of different activities. Doing nothing but reading for a few days just isn’t my style. Even if I were to go wander around where there isn’t internet, I’d probably just stop reading and stare at the trees because my brain likes variety. :/ Darn read-a-thons and your inability to keep my attention. *sigh*

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      1. I think a lot of that has to do with environment growing up. They’ve been saying for some time now that the younger generations are having a harder time focusing for extended periods of time versus the older generations. Of course, they blame it all on TV(because of the consistent, interjecting commercials), and video games(which are too easy and take very little time to beat.) :/ It just means we have to work a little harder if we want to focus longer. Challenge Accepted!

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  2. I’ve never done a Readathon… I imagine I would be bad at it though as I’m a slow reader! The way I keep myself on-track for reading goals is mostly through the Goodreads yearly reading challenge thing (if I see myself falling behind I pick up the pace a bit). Also I use a habit tracker app on my phone and one of my habits that I’m supposed to do 5 times a week is ‘Read’ so it gives me incentive to read at least a few pages each day (and I listen to an audiobook whenever I’m cooking, cleaning, travelling or showering so that adds up too). With all of that I guess I don’t feel the need to join a Readathon… though I suppose it could be fun in the right circumstances.

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    1. I like the Goodreads challenge too πŸ™‚
      Nt that I have no time to read – it takes me about an hour to get to work, half of it on foot the other half in train and if the weather permits I use all this time to read :). One of the perks of not driving to work I guess.


  3. Emma The Book Lover

    I’ve never participated in an official readathon because I feel quite intimidated by them but I do my own mini readathons when I go to the cottage and stuff so I don’t feel as pressured. But I say, go for it, try a readathon because in the worst case you won’t like it and won’t do one again but you might LOVE it too !!!

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  4. Readathons are big on twitter and booktube. I haven’t found one that works with my schedule yet. Some are very relaxed though, I kind of like the idea of the tome topple and read your shelf ones. However with a full time job, kids, activities, dogs, horses and etc. I like to read at my own pace… If I find one that works for me I would totally do it though.

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  5. Ever since I was introduced to the world of Booktube that’s when I heard about readathons. I don’t particularly like them because I love reading at my own pace plus I work a full time job and I need my sleep to function. However, kudos to everyone who gets them done and likes doing them. All my respect to them. I personally love devouring the world of a book instead of trying to finish it off so I can get to the book/challenge.

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  6. There is such a thing? Bleh. I like reading at my own pace, thank you. Readathons sound tedious, and that seems like it would take away the fun aspect of reading; which is what it is all about!

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  7. I don’t know how so many people read 7 books in a week it’s crazy. I have only done 2 Readathon and they were quite relaxed and one was over 2 weeks. I don’t often participate in them as I feel obliged to read constantly

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    1. so how do you do it, how do you set the goals and achieve them? I can’t seem to get to it, maybe I need some motivation or maybe it’s a special skill I don’t have πŸ˜›


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