Interview with Michael R. Miller

Michael R. MillerOh gosh, it took me a while to get this interview ready, but thanks to Michael’s patience here it is!

I know I went in a different direction you’ve expected with my questions, but I hope it wasn’t much of a bother :).

You’re from Scotland, right? (I bet you have this amazing Scottish accent…). Did the local folklore and legends influence your writing?

Amazing accent to some, incomprehensible to others! Yes, I am Scottish. I grew up on the west coast by the sea with a mountain island across the water. I was spoiled for scenery. Scotland has influenced my writing, especially the history and the landscape. Although in saying that a lot of Scotland’s history is wrapped up in myth or legend or romanticised history. I do hope one day to write some historical fiction based on some of my favourites periods. Continue reading “Interview with Michael R. Miller”

Readathons – what are they all about?

Seriously guys, can someone explain to me how it all works and why do you think it’s fun?

The moment I’ve started blogging I found out about the idea of readathons. I have to admit the concept doesn’t really appeal to me, but with the amount of books I have on my list, I’m kind of tempted to try it out. Well, I actually tried once… an hour later I was playing on my PC and that was it, so I know I won’t be able to do that at home. Or in any place with a remote chance of finding a Pokemon… A place without any Internet connection would be preferable, like the middle of the desert :P.

Anyway, please tell me few things if you like readathons:

  • first of all – why do you like them?
  • why is this whole idea so appealing?
  • how do you make it happen?
  • and what miracles do you perform to finish?

In few days I’ll be finally starting my vacations and I’d like to try to do a readathon, so I need tips on how to make it work and how to survive!