Monthly summary – July

You’d think a vacation season is a good time to get some reading done, right? Well, wrong! Especially if it’s the other people having vacation and yours are still to come and if a certain game comes out and takes over your life… Yea, I’m talking about Pokemon GO. I fell victim to it as well.

Luckily I’m 4 days and 4 hours away from the beginning of my vacations 😛 [well, a bit less when this post goes live].

So what did I accomplish in June?

  • Finished 7 books: 1 short story and 6 novels, together  a pitiful 1444 pages
  • Started 5 more…
  • And I’m still 22 reads behind schedule in Goodreads challenge (less BBC drama’s this year)
  • I managed to get to 18th level in Pokemon GO, but I’m starting to get bored

pokemon pokemon (2)

  • But my Minecraft buildings got better (sorry, no screenshots)
  • I had my 1-year blogiversary 😀
  • And I’ve got 460 followers! You are AWESOME!!!
  • And I’m totally losing my bet, but at least I’m not in the last place ;P
  • I bought this lovely edition of Little Prince – I’ll probably show it off later, for now, you can see how it DOESN’t fit on my tallest shelf – it’s the thin, big one next to Illuminae:


Favorite book of the month

Last wishWhat was awesome still is awesome 😀 – a re-read of the first of Witcher books was definitely the best read this month. I’m pretty sure I’ve recommended these books at least few times. It’s really hard not to.

Want a review? Here it is: Monsters, quirky humor and first glimpses of the main story

Biggest disappointment

Elora of StoneThe first book of a series  of magical stories for children. The main thing that bothered me about this story was the language in which it was written.

I’ve read the next three volumes too and both the authors writing and the story gets better, but the first book is rather weak.

All the other stories I’ve read:

As usual – from worst to best and links (click on covers) lead either to my reviews or to Goodreads page.

Elora of Stone Into Coraira Second Twin Teagan of Tomorrow The Angel Knights The Fourth Piece

Five-star reads:

Last wish

Currently reading / listening to:

Europa Awakenings two year vacation Egg & Spoon Heroes and Thieves Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

The truth is, I’m actively reading Heroes and Thieves now and Harry Potter when I’m home – chapter by chapter :). I love this edition.

Working on reviews:

The Angel Knights The Fourth Piece Untraceable

Thank you all!

9 thoughts on “Monthly summary – July

  1. thebookprophet

    Aww Pokemon Go got to you too. I feel like I’m the only person in the world not even interested in that game… Anyway, if I haven’t said it already (don’t remember saying it at least), but happy 1 year blogging anniversary!

    Liked by 1 person

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