Top 5 Wednesday – Most Unlikable Characters

imgresI almost skipped this week’s T5W topic. It’s not like I don’t have characters I don’t like, but most often if that’s the case the book ends up on the DNF or forget-it-ever-existed pile. So instead of a list of five characters, I decided to go with some of the character traits that really bug me.

I was trying to put these in some proper order, but the truth is each of these traits annoys me as much as the others.


Stupidity and all-knowingness at the same time

You think it’s impossible to be both? There are plenty of characters out there who are written like they know it all and yet do the dumbest things sometimes. Maybe it’s partially the naivety, but most of the time it’s simple lack of thinking.

Oh, I do know sometimes you might just be too tired or you might have to make a rush decision because you’re life is hanging on an edge. In these situations, you might do something stupid, but when a character does the most idiotic things while not under pressure there’s nothing that will make me like or respect him/her.


The ugly duckling

Yea, right… because each of these heroines had never looked into a mirror and compared herself to other girls and when suddenly some idiot comes at her and tells her she’s pretty she’s all over him because she never realized that… maybe I should’ve put this one together with the previous point.

I don’t think I need to add examples here… take ANY young-adult book with a female heroine.



Whether it’s about choosing one of many love interests or some other important life choice it’s just so annoying when a main (or other) character can’t make up their mind. I know life’s not always simple and sometimes you can’t simply choose one thing. It’s OK if out hero hesitates, thinks about consequences, etc, but if the process goes on throughout the whole story it’s just too much!


Constant whining

How I hate these whiny “heroines” that go through story complaining about their “tough” lives, their miserable future and the people around them. I’ve got two examples for you here: Leena from “Beautiful Creatures” (her constant “oh, no I’ll go dark” whining) and even more annoying Twylla from “Sin Eater’s Daughter”. If I’d ever met these two I’d go berserk…

[Yes, I realize I’m whining myself right now. Deal with it! At least you won’t have to read a whole book about me :P]


OMG you’ve got to save me because I’m soo helpless

Well… I don’t think an explanation is needed here. I won’t hide that I prefer strong heroines and it really gets on my nerves when some chick is just waiting to be saved even though she could do it herself gazillion times…

TV-Kitty-icon2That’s all from me now. Let me know what characters you disliked or what traits you find annoying.

24 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday – Most Unlikable Characters

  1. Haha, I love this!! I must say I share your peeves in characters! BUT, sometimes a character can be so ”complex” that even if they are whiny or self-centered or indecisive, I won’t mind it b/c they have many other qualities, also, and no one is perfect. But yeah, those things you mentioned can be SO annoying.

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  2. I have a hard time finishing a book when the female characters are whiny and helpless. Just..UGH!! Being stupid and all-knowing at the same time…have you met my brother-in-law? XD But yes, I agree with all 5 things as well!

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  3. I agree with all these character tropes! Especially when a character waits to be saved, or when she’s been capable of looking after herself for ages and then suddenly she is in mortal peril and needs the guy to save her and/or the day

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