Top 5 Wednesday – Books You Wish Had Sequels

imgresIt might be surprising to some of you, but I haven’t found that many books I’d like to have a sequel or continuation. But there’s one explanation for this – I have plenty of series started and not finished, so I already have at least one part waiting tp be read ;). On the other hand – some series or stories ended in a way that leaves no possible continuation to go with, like The Martian – I’d love to read another story about this crazy astronaut, but I feel it wouldn’t make much sense to force one. It’s better to leave a memory of a fantastic book and leave readers wanting more :).


Otto Von TrapezoidOtto Von Trapezoid and the Empress of Thieves by Jesse Baruffi

It’s crazy, it’s funny it has ridiculous villains, mecha dinosaurs, killer robots, teenage hacker, smart thief-villainess and a mad scientist with a wicked spaceship and an army of robots.

It would make a fantastic and crazy movie and I’d really love to read more of their adventures.


The Ocean at the End of the Lane Stardust Neverwhere Coraline

Gaiman’s goodies

I couldn’t restrict myself to just one of his books, so here are four titles I loved and I’d like to read more of. Am I the only one?


SphereSphere by Michael Crichton

A book that I was reluctant to read, but I loved it in the end. This guy knows how to write good action sci-fi books. I might not be a fan of this genre, but his books are good. Especially this one. I thought I liked the movie before I read this. Now I can’t stand it. I loved this book!


Bane chroniclesBane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare

Oh, I know there are plenty of books with this guy and that I still haven’t read them, but I’d love to read more stories just about him. Especially after the last part of this book…

What else could I tell you? I think this guy is awesome and let’s stick to that :D.


The Magicians' Guild The Novice The High Lord

Black Magician Trilogy by Trudi Canavan

If you think I had enough after just three awesome stories – you’re wrong! Well, mostly because I want a certain character to come back to life :(. I don’t think that would happen, but a girl can dream, right?


And as honorable mentions, I’ve got three Polish books I loved and I wish to read more of:

Podatek załatwiaczka Grillbar Galaktyka

TV-Kitty-icon2What about your wishlist? Do you have a book or books that you wish would turn into a series?


12 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday – Books You Wish Had Sequels

  1. I love the Neil Gaiman books that I’ve read! I’ve been intending to read some more for AGES. But they always seem to be out of the library, which is a terrible excuse haha. Oh, I think Cassandra Clare’s writing another book about Magnus Bane at some point! It’s probably due to be released in the VERY distant future, but I’m sure I saw something. 🙂

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  2. thebookprophet

    I agree with you about the martian. I loved the book and a sequel would be great, but there isn’t really a reason for one. Good thing, though, is that the author is writing another sci-fi book! Cassandra Clare is also going to write an entire trilogy for our glittering warlock so you won’t have to worry about a lack of magnus magic on your shelves.

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  3. Sphere is actually the book I’m planning on reading next! I read Jurassic Park and the Lost World last summer and LOVED them, so I’m really excited to read more of Crichton’s work.
    I’m so glad you mentioned Neil Gaiman, because I’ve always thought that about his books. I love The Ocean at the End of the Lane and would absolutely read a sequel if there was one. There’s something so atmospheric about his stories that sucks you right in!

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