Interview with E. Ardell

Hello my darlings :D. I’ve got another interview treat for you. This time author of a freshly published book “The Fourth Piece” – Eboni Ardell.

I’m really grateful that you managed you answer my questions in this super busy period. I can only imagine how hard novel publishing might be, but well done!

E. Ardell

You’ve got your first book published, well done! How do you feel about it?

I feel fantastic! Yesterday (July 8, 2016), my copy was delivered to me while I was at work. The delivery guy missed me and left it in my desk chair. When I saw it, I knew what the package was immediately. I clutched it to my chest like a baby, got a little misty-eyed and walked around the office with it. After some prodding, my co-workers finally got me to open the package. Then I paraded it around and had a co-worker taking pictures Continue reading “Interview with E. Ardell”