Funny Friday – geeky memoirs that made me laugh

I’ve promised you these two reviews for a while now and since I wasn’t in a mood to write about the other books that should be on today’s episode of Funny Friday – here they come.

Both of these books got into my hands in audio format. I thought it would be easier to get through the memoirs this way since I don’t normally read this genre. Right now I know I wouldn’t have trouble reading through no matter what format would they be, but the fact that both of these books were read by the authors made them even more amazing!

You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) by Felicia Day

Goodreads | Amazon | Audible

Since the rule states “ladies first” here it is :D. Plus the cover is really cute (well, it has Felicia on it, so duh!).

In short – Felicia proves she’s just as good at writing as she is at acting. Her memoir is funny, witty, relatable to all the geeks out there. It shows not only her strengths but also her weaknesses. It makes you realize how close to her real experience “The Guild” was (honestly, I thought it was mostly made up when I watched it, even though I could relate to it somewhat). And it shows how natural and fantastic person she is :).

Plus the introduction was written and read by Joss Whedon!

Just a GeekJust a Geek by Wil Wheaton

Goodreads | Amazon

It’s time for the boy’s story ;). Well, he’s not just a boy from Star Trek anymore. But he totally rocks Youtube with TableTop and other videos!

I admit I felt all that he’d written about Wesley while I was watching TNG each time before I’ve listened to this book. After that, my attitude might’ve changed a bit. Instead of a kid who is sometimes annoying, sometimes seems like a useless and yet somewhat relatable addition to the crew, I see a man with a potential, that really loved his job and cared for it.

This book might not be so happy and optimistic as Felicia’s. Wil seemed to really struggle through all the post-Star Trek experiences and couldn’t really deal with these at first. Thanks to his family, friends and his own strong will he became the man he is now. This book shows how it all happened, what were his struggles and how he managed to deal with everything life threw at him.

There are plenty of funny moments in here, but this book is kept in a bit more serious tone than Felicia’s. It’s worth listening due to the additional comments Wil makes during the reading and due to the introduction that was written by Neil Gaiman.


To sum it all up – these books were really great! Two fantastic reads out of my genre that (almost) made me reach for more like them. Well, I do have two I might check out: “The Only Pirate at the Party” and “Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography“. Actually, I’ve just noticed there might be a third one: “Anything Goes” by John Barrowman. Has anyone read these books? Can you share your opinions? Should I pick them up?

6 thoughts on “Funny Friday – geeky memoirs that made me laugh

  1. Anna Kopp

    Wait, John Barroman wrote a book? BRB.

    I heard Felicia Day’s book had a lot of struggling in it (video game addiction, depression, etc) from another reviewer I know, which is why I haven’t wanted to pick it up. She made it seem like the book was much heavier than what yours does. Hmmm…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. well, maybe I’m more optimistic here 😉

      Yes there’s struggling and addiction, but Felicia managed to make it sound light, it doesn’t make you feel bad, won’t make you cry or anything. Actually I think Will’s book was a bit sadder here, a bit darker in some parts. I’d have to give you examples, but I don’t really want to do that.

      I’d suggest – give it a try. Maybe a book sample? Maybe a library? Although I do recommend audio books in both cases 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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