Top 5 Wednesday – Favorite Books Outside Your Comfort Zone

imgresHave you ever stepped outside your bookish comfort zone? Did you like it or maybe the reads you’ve chosen assured you to stay in it?

I’ve been in both situations, but there are few books that made me want to read even more in a certain genre, but not enough to make it my usual shelf-of-choice.

I could probably count classics as one of these shelves, but it’s just too obvious ;). Plus I do reach for them from time to time, so let’s move to the shelves I usually pass without a though. Well, I usually go straight to Fantasy, YA shelves ;).


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The biographies / memoirs

I tend to stay away from contemporary, realistic stories. Stories about the real world and real people, because reading is just one way to get my thought away from everyday life. But there are few exceptions, people who made me curious, who did something I liked, who were simply amazing. Two of these cases you can see on the covers  – I enjoyed what they did and I thought their books might be interesting and I was right! I promise I will write at least short reviews of these eventually.
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