Funny Friday – Discworld mania

YES! The day had come to finally praise Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett. There are one of the books I wish EVERYONE to read. At least some of them! And at least once ;).

In all, there are 41 books in this series plus several shorter stories and some companion books (like The Science of Discworld). I know, it’s a lot to handle, but they swallow you so easily you won’t even know when you’re reading the next story!

If you’ll check on my Goodreads page you’ll see I’ve marked only 17 books as “read” but it’s only because I’ve read some of them before I even knew Internet was fun :P. Well, just kidding, but It certainly was a while ago and since I don’t remember each and every story so well I’ve decided to only mark the ones I do.


Most of the books I’ve read were borrowed from one place or another. I even got few audiobooks that way. And then the day had come when I’ve decided I want to catchย buy them all. The thing is, I didn’t just want the standard Polish editions. I do like these, but since I’ve learned enough English to be able to read Pratchett’s books comfortably (in contrary to common believes they aren’t written in an easy language) I wanted to get the original ones. Or as close to original as I could get. I’m buying few books at a time, you might think I’d already have them all, but since they’ve closed one of the American Bookstores I was using [it might have “American” in a name, but it was just a shop with books in English] it’s not so easy to get the ones I want. Oh, and here’s what I got for now:

Pratchett on my bookshelves

Now, I think every fan has their own favorites among all these stories. Since the stories are split to sub-series I can give you an order of my most-to-least favorite:

  1. Death series
  2. Witches
  3. City Guards
  4. Industrial Revolution
  5. Tiffany Aching
  6. Rincewind or Wizards series

Well, sometimes I like the Witches stories a bit more than the ones with Death, but mostly they go in this order. But if you’ll ask me for the best book ever I can’t tell you! I love many of them. In fact, I like them so much I haven’t hesitated to read them two or even three times which is really rare for me. And what makes me like the? The humor! The twisted, ridiculous, British humor, the character names, the way they speak and all the magic that changes things in a surprising and strange way. And the imagination. After all, who would though this kind of world could not only exist (even if only in authors imagination) but could be so rich and fantastic!


Let’s take Death for example. Would you even consider this skeleton guy in a hood to have existential problems? Make him look for work and pretend he’s human for a pure need to interact with others?

How about a big human man, who was raised by dwarves and now he has to fit into theย human world and understand that not everyone wants to do good around here?

What about the witch who wants to take lessons in Unseen university only to find out the girls are not invited.

And do you know how the pictures are created? You think it’s so simple to press the button, right? Did you remember to stock all the colors to let the little guys inside do their work?

discworld movie

Oh, and for those who simply aren’t in a mood for reading, there are also few movies and some animations based on Pratchett’s books. I have to admit I really enjoyed Going Postal. I haven’t read the book before watching it, so I had no idea what to expect, but the movie was quite enjoyable. Plus it has Lord Vetinari. He’s so sneaky and evil you’ve got to love him :P. No, he’s not a villain, but he could easily switch to being one. And he would be unbeatable in it.

8 thoughts on “Funny Friday – Discworld mania

  1. The Discworld books are incredible!!! Whenever I feel the universe is getting too much there my go to read. The comedy really captures how utterly bonkers humans can be, without ever making me feel depressed about it.

    I like all the character’s (including the little ones), especially Gaspode (the dog).


  2. My only problem is that when I start to pick my favourite character I end up ramblig: “Oh Death, definitely. Oh and Sam Vimes. And Granny Wetherwax. And Lord Vetinari. And the Luggage…” And so it goes on.

    Such terrific books!

    Liked by 1 person

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