Monthly summary – June ’16

At first glance, it might not feel like much, but I’m happy with that. After all, we’ve started vacation season, so rest is something we all could use.

So what did I accomplish in June?

  • Finished 10 books: 1 graphic novel, 1 short story, 2 audiobooks and 6 novels, together 2244 pages
  • My posting schedule got a bit crazy and irregular, and I’m afraid this might continue
  • I’ve started reading Witcher series again… due to way too many hours spent playing Witcher 3 (which is amazing!)

witcher 3

  • And I moved on to playing Dragon Age – went through DA 2 again and started DA Inquisition – it’s fun, but the controls annoy me, DA2 had better controls :/
  • I’ve spent a fantastic weekend sailing, even if we only placed as a 14th team in the race it was still great!
  • My average rating for this month is 3.4 stars
  • Cozy mysteries seemed to be my top genre.
  • Oh, and I’ve started rearranging this little blog of mine. I’ve already changed my icon/profile picture, there are some page changes coming up and the menu will be changed too. I might even change the main theme and colors, but I don’t know yet.
  • I’m thinking of making author interviews an integral part of this blog as long as I’ll find authors willing to answer some of my questions 😉

Favorite book of the month

I can’t choose! There are two that I loved, so you’ll have to decide for yourself which one is better:

Rise of the Chosen Kings or PawnsRise of the Chosen by Anna Kopp – a totally amazing novel with zombie-like creatures, appealing heroine and thrilling events. Check it out as soon as it gets published 🙂

And the second book is Kings or Pawns by the amazing  J.J. Sherwood. It’s a great fantasy novel and the review was posted earlier today :P.

Biggest disappointment

Sin eater's daughterSin Eater’s daughter by Melinda Salisbury. Oh dear, what a struggle it was. Actually, the only reason I finished listening to this audio book is because I really liked the narrator. Without her, I would simply delete the files and never looked at this story again.
Well, maybe it wasn’t THAT bad, but the heroine was whiny and annoying, the love triangle was so obvious sugared that my eyes hurt from rolling and the whole plot (if there even was something other than romance there) was just weak and pointless.

All the other stories I’ve read:

As usual – from worst to best and links (click on covers) lead either to my reviews or to Goodreads page. And yes… I’ve read 2 stories titled Killer Cupcakes… deal with it! I’ll write a post about it later ;).

Cappuccinos, Cupcakes, and a Corpse   Sin eater's daughter   Killer Cupcakes (2)Killer Cupcakes   Klaw The First CycleRisuko A Kunoichi Tale   Greeth

And the 3 five-star reads this month:

Bring Your Own Baker Kings or Pawns Rise of the Chosen

Currently reading / listening to:

It might take me a while to finish two of these, but for now, I liked what I read from Europa: Awakening – it’s a curious book connected to the myth of Atlantis with a big dose of romance. Bit long, but nicely written.

Adrift in Pacific – I’ve read about a half for now (meaning the first book from the two-book edition) during my sailing weekend. You have no idea how much it fit! The book starts with a storm and then the boys land on an island. Well, maybe we haven’t ended up on an island, but the weather that greeted us even on our way to the boat could easily be called a storm.

And the Last Wish (you can see the Polish cover in the middle) is a re-read that I really missed. Witcher is fantastic! And these short stories might even be better than some parts of the series.

Europa Awakenings Last wish Adrift in the Pacific Two Years Holiday

Working on reviews:


Thank you all!


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