Top 5 Wednesday – Favorite Posts

imgresA word of explanation – today’s topic is to show off your own posts. I thought

I thought about skipping this one, but why would I? It does sound like a good idea, right? Since it’s supposed to be just 5 posts I’ve decided to choose one post per cathegory. Well, I do have more cathegories than five, but it will have to do :). Here are some of the posts I enjoyed writing the most. Actually, I have no particular order to place them in, so no numbers this week.

Top 5 Wednesday – Biggest Badasses

Well, I had to add one of the T5W posts, so don’t judge :D. I really liked this topic and I really liked choosing the few best, even though I had plenty more to go. And aw man… I really miss Regis, especially since I found some traces of his existence in Witcher 3 – in the Blood and Wine extension. I liked this mysterious vampire.

8 tips on how to make your blog better

I should probably update this one, after such a long time it seems a bit outdated and yet still valid. I could probably add a thing of two there. And maybe re-write soma paragraphs [believe it or not, but blogging did help my English writing a bit].

Funny Friday – cats and devils

A rather fresh addition to my blog – one of the Funny Friday posts. And why did I choose this one? The cat made me do it! Oh, I love that little devil of mine, but that’s exactly what he is sometimes :D.

Siblinghood of the World Bloggers Tag

Because I like tags! Yeah, I know it takes me ages to publish a new one, but I do like these, especially the ones with questions from the previously tagged person. It’s curious to see what others want to know about you.

The post I linked up is old… like from the beginnings of my blogging times old. I was thinking about the “100 questions…” post, but I liked Siblinghood tag better :).

I’ve just noticed – when I’ve answered the “3 things you love about yourself” question I used all the characteristics starting with “P” :D.

Cupcakes, pole dancing, and murder

And to end it all with a very book-blog thing – a review :). One of the cozy mysteries from D.E. Haggerty who became one of my favorite writers this year. It’s funny, it’s cute, it’s loveable and it has a mystery. Well, check that post out to see what I mean.


But these were my choices, now tell me do you have a post of mine you particularly liked? The one that made you click the “follow” button?

Damn, I wish I had a certain interview published already, but the schedule must be kept… I had so much fun reading the answers. I hope you will too when it will go live already.

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