Top 5 Wednesday – Literary Fathers/Father Figures

imgresHa, I’m back! I was waiting for this topic to come :D. I found only two of June’s topics of interest and this is the first one – Father figures. It’s kind of strange that I find this topic so easy and appealing [or maybe it isn’t] and I was pretty much raised by my mom and grandma, but I can’t say I’ve been looking for father figures in books [or in real life for the matter of fact], they are simply there and they are awesome :D. I actually Β had to limit this list a lot but don’t worry I’ll mention the ones that didn’t get a spot as honorable mentions :D.


bromBrom from “Eragon”

Yes, this guy! I know Eragon had an uncle etc, but let’s face it – Brom was way more interesting and a better teacher for him. He wasn’t perfect maybe, but he cared and had hopes for Eragon. He thought the boy some basics and protected him when he needed it most.

As for the photo – I know the movie wasn’t so good. In fact, it wasn’t good at all if you’ve read the book, but let’s face it – Irons is awesome in pretty much everything he does so him playing Brom was a great move :D.


markoMarko from “Saga”

And since I’ve listed Alana in the top 5 mothers post that makes them the Top 5 parents of literature :P. Yeah, well maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but these two are awesome and you can’t just not love them. These two shouldn’t even be together, but they make a fantastic couple that just happened to have a baby. What they have to do now is to protect their child and don’t freak out too much πŸ˜€


eddard starkEddard Stark from “A Game of Thrones”

Yeah, pretty much the first character I liked so much that was killed in the saga… Not the last one obviously, but I think you all know it by now.

Maybe some of you don’t think he was a good father, but he cared for his children, though about what would be best for them and how to prepare them for their future lives.


ZeddZeddicus Zu’l Zorander from “Sword of Truth”

He was funny, ridiculous and yet he thought and protected Richard as much as he could. He was pretty much my favorite character from the books :D.

Oh, and by the way – DO NOT watch the TV-show. EVER! Seriously, they messed up so badly I lost count on the things that weren’t right at the first half of the first episode. So bad.


The Magicians' GuildRothen from “The Black Magician Trilogy”

No character image here… damn I wish they made a movie or a trilogy out of these books. They are amazing!

And Rothen? He is a great person, he not only discovers Sonea and takes care of her lessons – he also makes sure she fits in into the guild. It’s not an easy task, but he won’t give up. He is supportive, intelligent and careful.

Honorable mentions

As promised – here are some other fathers/father figures I adore for one reason or another πŸ™‚

Bishop from Salem’s VengeanceΒ and Priest from Salem’s FuryΒ – they both helped and protected the sisters, thought them and tried to save their families.

Loki! Yes, he did have children πŸ˜€ And you can’t deny he’s awesome!

Dumbledore, Sirius andΒ Arthur Weasley – all fantastic characters, maybe they had some flows, but who hasn’t?

salem's vengeanceSalem's furyLokiHarry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneHarry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban


How about your favorite fathers and father figures in literature?
Link up your list or simply leave a comment πŸ™‚

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