More cupcakes, sexy beard and gangs

It’s adorable, it’s funny and it has a mysterious bearded man who just happens to make that look work for him (which is not easy). Add to that a murder, some far from legal actions and some delicious cooking and you’ve got another great book from D.E. Haggerty.

Bring Your Own BakerBring Your Own Baker (Death by Cupcake #2) by D.E. Haggerty

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I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

This time, we’re following Anna – the little pixie baker from Callie’s Cakes. She’s working her ass off to get enough money to buy into the bakery. The problem is her employee and friend just got murdered. Will she follow in Callie’s footsteps and help to solve the murder?

And who is this creepy, yet somehow hot mysterious guy who keeps sneaking into Anna’s house? Is he really a gang member? Will he kill her if she’ll get too close to solving the mystery?

I had a fantastic time reading this book – plenty of funny situations, some witty humor, and an interesting mystery waiting to be solved. And the characters! Well, I admit Callie might’ve annoyed me just a tiny bit in this one, but I still like her and the others are fantastic!

Yet again I have to write a word about the chapter titles – even these fit into the stories. I loved the ones from the first book – the cute quotes about sweets, etc. The new ones create a kind of a recipe – a step by step instructions to create and solve a great cozy mystery. Love it!

At the beginning of the book I wondered what new characters will we meet, since the other books always have a different main character solving the mystery. For now, we only had Callie and Anna [I’m not counting Ben, he was kind of a plus-one], so I was quite happy to see another member of their little group – Kristie. I can’t wait to read about her adventuring into the danger zone. And she does have a danger zone to go into working in a place like that.


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TV-Kitty-icon2What are your favorite cozy mysteries?
Is is just me or have you also noticed all these cozy mysteries with cupcakes in titles?

3 thoughts on “More cupcakes, sexy beard and gangs

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  2. Thanks for reading and reviewing yet another of my books. I’m excited you liked it! I’m still trying to figure out Kristie’s story. It will be a while until I get to actually writing it as I’m stuck traveling for a few weeks and then it looks like we will be moving (fingers crossed!)

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