BBC Thursday – 9th of June

BBC_Radio_logoOh boy, do I have a treat for you today :D. I’m so excited!!! Ok, ok…. there will be 3 links today and ALL AWESOME!

Oh, right I was supposed to calm down a bit. And I haven’t even drunk the coffee yet! Well, I drunk half of it already. Nevermind, let’s move on to the good stuff 🙂

1. Alice through the Looking Glass – Lewis Carroll

It’s mid-winter, the snow is falling against the window, and Alice is learning how to play chess but then, on a whim, she goes to the mirror and pretends her black kitten is the Red Queen and suddenly everything changes …

BBC LinkGoodreads

Day left: 15
Duration: 90 min | 1 episode
Rating: ★★★★★

I really like the narrator in this one, very well done. It was a pleasure to listen to this dramatization for so many reasons – the voices, the music, the dramatization itself. If you’re into Alice’s stories this is something worth checking out. Plus it came here just in time to match the movie. [no, I haven’t seen the movie yet and I probably won’t see it in the cinema]

2. Doctor Who: The Crimes of Thomas Brewster by Jonathan Morris

The Castle of Elsinore in Denmark. The court is uneasy. The king of Denmark has recently died and the throne has been claimed by the king’s brother, Claudius. Prince Hamlet, still in mourning for his father, distrusts Claudius and believes that what has happened at the court ‘cannot come to good’

BBC Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Goodreads

Day left: 18
Duration: 60 min | 2 episodes

And the Doctor Who is back again :D. Oh yes, I won’t skip an episode of Doctor Who. I haven’t listened to this one yet – as always I’m behind on listening schedule but I’m sure it’s going to be just as good as the other I’ve listened to, especially with the Hamlet part!

3. The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham

After a mysterious meteor shower, Bill Masen wakes up in hospital an eye operation to find that the world he knew will never be the same again…

Roger May begins a 17-part unabridged reading of John Wyndham’s cult sci-fi novel – an unsettlingly vivid and thrillingly realised tale of ecological apocalypse.

BBC Episode 1 | Episode 2Episode 3 | Episode 4 | Episode 5
Episode 6 | Episode 7 | Episode 8 | Episode 9Episode 10
Episode 11Episode 12Episode 13Episode 14Episode 15 |
Episode 16Episode 17Goodreads

Day left: 27
Duration: 30 min | 17 episodes
Rating: ★★★★☆

Ooooh that was was AWESOME! I totally fell for this story when I heard it the first time. Totally fantastic post-apocalyptic story. And it’s unabridged! Got it? It’s totally great.

Yea… I’ve made myself a double coffee today, so my enthusiasm might be a bit… exaggerated? Then again, these are some great dramatizations.

Happy listening!


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