The good, the bad, and the murdered

Oh, my it’s been a while since I’ve published a review. Well, you’ve seen I was reading less last month, but it doesn’t mean I run out of books to talk about :D. Today it will be a wrap up of 3 cozy mysteries I’ve read more or less recently.

All of them are first books in series. Other than that only murder connects them. Various authors, styles, lengths, settings.

Death Checks InnDeath Checks Inn (Aspen Valley Inn #1) 
by Sara Robbins

My ratingstar-full-iconstar-full-iconstar-empty-iconstar-empty-iconstar-empty-icon
Goodreads | Amazon
Pages: 104
How I got it: Amazon freebie, ant it still is free

My thoughts: I always have doubts while starting new free read. I’ve read few good one, but most of them were a disappointment. I’d like to say this one started well, and maybe for the first few pages I actually though it will be ok, not a great read, but entertaining enough. Unfortunately, there was one thing that made this read rather boring – the very dry language in which it was written.

Fact, after fact and not much feelings. A heavy case of “tell, don’t show” which is never good. There was even a sentence starting with the word “next”. Like, you know: “She went down the stairs. Next, she picked up her keys.” No, it’s not a quote I don’t intend to search for that fragment, I just wanted to give you an idea. Somehow it doesn’t seem right to me to use this kind of sentences in non-scientific books. They should be reserved for step-by-step instructions. Or am I wrong here?

Anyway, the mystery itself was rather interesting contrary to the characters. It had a great potential if it was only written a bit better.


Pains and PenaltiesPains and Penalties (A Geeks and Things Cozy Mystery Novella #1) by Sarah Biglow

My ratingstar-full-iconstar-full-iconstar-full-iconstar-half-full-iconstar-empty-icon
Goodreads | Amazon
Pages: 77
How I got it: Amazon freebie, ant it still is free

My thoughts: Much better than the previous story. A bit shorter too, but in this case, it didn’t bother me. The mystery is simple but nicely developed. Writing style is pleasant, maybe not perfect, but good enough to enjoy the story without being bothered by some weirdness.

I really liked Kalina. True, there wasn’t much character development in the story, but it’s a 77-page story, so I think it’s acceptable. There was enough information there to make me enjoy reading about her little adventure. After all, she owns a shop with geeky things! Games, t-shirts, gadgets – all a geek like me might want :P.

I think I did say once that a hot detective is a must? We’ve got one here too and the romance between these two was rather cute. Of course, it’s not the most important part of the story. I liked how Kalina pretty much solved the case and even though the “who” might’ve seemed obvious at the beginning, I was surprised who it actually was.

So if you have totally no money and are in need of a cozy mystery – check this one out.


Grave SightGrave Sight (Harper Connelly #1)
by Charlaine Harris

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Goodreads | Amazon
Pages: 293
How I got it: Humble audio book bundle

My thoughts: Probably the best out of  these three stories. And the longest. And it has this supernatural note that I enjoyed. Well, I kind of like Charlaine Harris’s books. They might not be the best in the world, but they make nice cozy reads.

It was great to see the sister-brother relationship in the book. Yes, there’s a bit of a romance too (obviously with the detective). It doesn’t start so well, but their relationship develops in an interesting way.

And the supernatural element? Well, Harper has a certain skill that helps her solve some kind of mysteries. She can see final moments before person’s death. It’s not a pleasant gift, but it helps her earn some money.

In the little town, Harper and her brother came, there’s more than a missing person mystery they were supposed to solve. Plus the people there aren’t very nice to strangers. And is the murderer still around? Who was it and will he or she do it again?

Yes, I did enjoy the story, the mystery and I liked the characters. Well, I did like Harper. She certainly is interesting. And it was nice to see a sister-brother relationship in a book. I honestly can’t find that many stories with that present. I’m not saying there aren’t any (let’s take the Shadowhunters) but it’s something I’d like to see a bit more of. Maybe because I’m an only child. Oh, I don’t complain, I like it. Everything is MINE, MY PRECIOUS…. oh wait… nevermind 😛

TV-Kitty-icon2What do you think about cozy mysteries? 
Do you think you’ll read any of these?
Or maybe you have read them? Let me know!


PS. Sorry for not keeping to my posting schedule, but I need a bit of chaos to get back on track. It might pass. Or I might change the schedule. Actually I’m not that sorry 😛

6 thoughts on “The good, the bad, and the murdered

  1. Um, soooo, are you planning on continuing with the Harper books? I kind of want yo mention a spoilery development in response to your review, but I’ll hold my tongue, unless you’re not carrying on with it…

    I quite enjoyed this series, much more than the Sookie books! I thought they got bogged down by all the love interests (aka Sookie’s harem), but the sharper focus on a couple characters here plus the interesting mysteries made it a better read for me. Really liked how Harper applied her abilities, although I got annoyed at everyone trying to use her or expecting her assistance for free snd shaming her for wanting fair compensation, grr.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Cool cool, hope the others measure up! I’ll be interested to see your reviews on the later ones if you keep going. And yesss, I love a bit of supernatural mixed in with a crime procedural, it’s more exciting and unpredictable 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m always contemplating where to start with Charlaine Harris, especially when I think about getting some light reading done. Maybe at some point I’ll pick one of her books up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like her books, but I think she’s better with shorter series. With Sookie novels it felt like she run out of ideas at some point and I kind of lost interest.
      But the shorter mysteries – the one I mentioned here and the Shakespeare series are nice, light reads.

      Liked by 1 person

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