Top 5 Wednesday – Summer Reads

imgres I just went to Goodreads to update few statuses and check out today’s T5W topic and look what I’ve seen:


Yep, 2000! Oh, it includes pretty much everything starting from some of my old-time school reads, all the books I read throughout my life, short stories, BBC dramas, audiobooks, graphic novels and some mangas I remembered, but I still like that number.

Oh, and I hit 200 posts on my last one.

Now I need something with “20“…

Let me think about today’s topic. It’s all about summer reads, right? No, I will not make it Top 20, that’s way too much although it would be easy to find. How about books that are 20 years old? You might think there won’t be enough to choose from, but have you checked the first edition dates lately on some of your favorite books? For Example Game of Thrones, Fight Club, Hogfather – these were all published in 1996! [I might’ve just given you most of my list…]

But let’s move on to my list! Well, maybe I wouldn’t call all of these “summer reads”, but I could read them at any time,so here it goes 🙂


Cardcaptor SakuraCardcaptor Sakura, Vol. 1 by CLAMP

It’s adorable, it’s adventurous, sweet and it’s CLAMP :D. Yup, you, who read anything by CLAP, know what I’m talking about. It’s like Studio Ghibli but with manga – everyone should know it and if they do – they like it.

But what is it all about you might ask. A girl who’s trying to catch a bunch of magic cards that got loose and are trying to mess everything up. Add a magical companion, a friend who loves to dress up our heroine and a mysterious and cute boy. It’s fun and adventure in 12 volumes!


Royal AssassinRoyal Assassin by Robin Hobb

A second volume of the Farseer Trilogy – a very good series of fantasy novels about a boy who becomes an assassin.

I’ve read these long time and I intend to read them again at some point. What did I like so much? The characters and the world Hobb created! These are not the only books from this universe. I’d love to read the Livehip books – I love the idea of ships being the main characters :D.


Baptism of FireBaptism of Fire by Andrzej Sapkowski

The fifth book of the Witcher series. Well, the middle one of the actual series, but there are two volumes of short stories which are quite awesome.

I remember when I was reading these books they were one of the very few in which elves were an “evil” race :D. These books are so good, they have all that you need in a good story and then some. I love how Sapkowski created this fantastic world. All the plot twists, the politics hidden somewhere between the pages, the vivid characters, the action scenes. Fantastic!

And the games are great too :D. Especially the last one.


NeverwhereNeverwhere by Neil Gaiman

One of the best books I’ve read and one of the best BBC drama’s I’ve listened to. I love this story. Gaiman’s imagination has no boundaries and he’s proving it with each and every book.

If you’re into parallel universe and want to lve through an adventure with some unusual characters this story is for you.


HogfatherHogfather by Terry Pratchett

And at the end something that will make you laugh – a Discworld novel. Well ok, maybe this one is more suited for Christmas season rather than for vacations, but I’m going to put it here anyway :P. After all, even when you’re on some hot island getting tanned, blowing off sand from your book, you might still want to read something Christmasy to get into an even better mood.


Let me know what are your favorite summer reads!
Do you have any 1996 books you like?
How about movies/games and other geeky stuff?

And since I went into movies and games, here are my top-whatever movies from 1996 in no particular order 🙂


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